Greetings everyone, today the results are posted for my annual – “Get to Know My List” survey – and I am sure if you didn’t participate directly, then you still might recognize yourself in some of these responses.

I would like to thank everyone who responded, as it lets me get to know you, and help others in the process who might be just like you.

Here are the results:

1. What is your number one issue to getting your goals?

Response Percent
Time 20.0%
Money 30.0%
Knowledge 50.0%
Goal Setting 0.0%
Selecting a niche market 30.0%

Surprises for me – knowledge – Given that myself, and hundreds of other competent mentors can give you the knowledge you need for where you want to go, I expected the #1 answer to be money, by an 80% landslide. If you need direct and proven knowledge, check out my JV Coaching Club program.

Also – it appears no one has a problem setting a goal – that’s good to know!

2. How would you rate your Internet Marketing knowledge?

Response Percent
None – I just want to make money on it 22.2%
Newbie/Beginner – I have a niche but don’t know how to start 33.3%
Intermediate – I have sites, but not making money 44.4%
Experienced – I just like getting insights from others 0.0%

For this, just as an FYI, my JV Coaching Club program can help beginners, newbies, and especially Intermediate marketers because I can tell in less than 30 minutes what needs to be done, and then we get to work.

If you are a newbie, and funds are really low – Check out my Internet Marketing Newbie Club which will get you the knowledge you need, in the order you need it, for a very, very cost effective price.

3. How do you like to get your information? (In this one, you could select more than one)
Response Percent
Email is great 40.0%
Teleseminar classes 20.0%
Workshops or seminars 10.0%
Home e-courses 20.0%
Coaching/private mentoring 20.0%
Any and all of the above 60.0%

I was surprised at how long workshops/seminars was. This is one of the most effective and memorable ways to learn, and do it at the same time. You should really consider more of these.

Other surprise – mentors at only 20%. I get a mentor a month, and couldn’t do this industry without them.

4. Would you consider an MLM type of business?

Response Percent
What’s MLM? 20.0%
Only if entry price was small 0.0%
Only if I believed in the product 0.0%
Only if I got real value for my money 0.0%
Maybe – why do you know of a good one 60.0%
Never 20.0%

So for this one, MLM is Multi-Level-Marketing, usually involves a hierarchy or tree like build of a team, in which if a member you recruited below you makes money, so do you. Great way for automated income.

In response to Yes, if you know a bood one – I know a great one!
Check it out

That’s big enough for this post. Digest this, compare it to yourself, where do you fit in?? In a future post I will answer some of the specific questions that came in.

If you would like to participate in the survey yourself, Click Here to take survey

And keep letting me know through opportunities such as this, and Q&A Teleseminars, there a great way for you to get answers, and for me to get to know what you really need!

Thanks and Enjoy your week

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – Feel free to participate in the Internet Marketing Survey, and let me know what you really need – Click Here to take survey

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