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If you’re here, chances are you’re a mom who wants to work from home. You may have made this decision for any number of reasons:

• You want to spend more time with your family

• You’re tired of the nine-to-five working world

• Downsizing or layoffs have hit your industry

• You want a second household income

• You’ve finally decided to realize your dreams of starting your own business

• You’re seeking more out of life

• You want to change the world

Do any of these apply to you?

Whatever reasons are behind your decision to start working from home, it’s a given that you want to be successful.

There are generally two profiles we imagine when it comes to working from home:

The idle rich scenario. Work from the comfort of your own home! Sit around in your slippers and watch the money roll in! The Internet and television infomercials abound with advertisements from companies that promise a leisurely lifestyle and the road to Easy Street—usually with a “minimal investment” in their products or services. Some companies prey on a mom’s deepest desires: no clocks to punch, limitless time with your kids, profits without effort. They promise swimming pools and mansions…but usually deliver empty bank accounts and shattered dreams.

Will working from home give you this?

The hard-working hamster wheel scenario. Gloomy statistics predict a bleak future for those who walk the entrepreneurial path. Small business represents a sliver of the American economy. 90 percent of small businesses fail within three years of start-up. The dot-com bust of the eighties erased all possibility of building a successful online business. Some are true, and some are myth, but all paint a picture of the struggling business owner who puts in ninety-hour weeks and sacrifices everything—only to realize little or no profit, and eventually resign to failure.

The good news? Work-from-home reality lies somewhere between these two extremes.

Including myself, thousands of people run successful businesses from home, with more joining the ranks every day. They may not make headlines as the latest overnight millionaire successes, but they earn a comfortable living and find satisfaction in their work, while spending more time with their families and less time toiling behind a corporate desk.

So… why choose Internet marketing?

Despite the prevalent idea that online businesses are doomed from the start, there are many successful Internet entrepreneurs who know better. The Internet makes it possible to reach people all over the world. This means online businesses can find a niche and create a successful company that would have been impossible to maintain through traditional methods.

There are billions of people online today. You only have to reach a fraction of a percent of them to become a successful Internet marketer. If you reach the right audience, you can create a profitable online business, and enjoy all the benefits of working from home.

This report will show you how.

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