I love when I get a client that I can really stand behind their product, and in the case of SwaddleBaby, it was easy. When my first child Kennedy was born, she had colic. I tried everything, and I think only parents that have been through this, know what I am talking about when it comes to stress, feelings of failure, the panic when you are unable to calm your baby, the doctor visits, people telling you at 3 months it will all be over. Well 3 months is a very, very long time when you are in it. And then I met Leslie, and she has a blanket she created called SwaddleBaby which helps with colic, calming, restlessness, fussiness, and crying. Where was this when I needed it? All I can say if you have a baby or grandchild, it would be the first purchase I made.

Testimonial to Tracy Repchuk by Leslie Brogden, SwaddleBaby®

“Mentoring with Tracy Repchuk is a MUST for any entrepreneur serious about really succeeding in their business. I discovered Tracy by sheer luck on Amazon.com. Her “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” caught my eye. I ordered the book and devoured it. I’ve owned my own business for 11 years and have read countless business books (and have an MBA!). Tracy’s book was the very first book I’ve read that gave me a clear, concrete path to follow to build my on-line business. She really does spell out each step – how to do it, why do it, and what to do next.

And this is the ideal teaching method for me. I don’t know how many times I’ve read a book full of theories, only to finish it, close it and think “…well what do I need to do now?” By the time I finished Tracy’s book I knew exactly what to do next, and I knew I needed to do it with the help of a mentor so I could do it fast. Her chapter about the power of mentors really convinced me of their value in reducing my learning curve and keeping me focused. I knew that the mentor I wanted was Tracy! – And my instincts were so right! I joined her mentoring program about two weeks after I finished the book. I was so excited and motivated – I couldn’t wait to get started. And I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

Her mentoring program is an atomic, live version of her book. Her mentoring is “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” on steroids! It’s an even better program than I had hoped for (and I had set really high expectations going in, because it is a serious business investment.)

With Tracy as your mentor, she will show you, hold your hand, and walk along beside you as you take the steps she so clearly spells out for you. Tracy is real. She is helpful, responsive, talented, a great teacher and is genuinely committed to the success of her clients. When the mentoring program ends, I’m already thinking, “What can I do next with Tracy?” During this extensive program I’ve learned more than all of the books I had previously read, combined. I’ve implemented most of the steps for my company and am anxious to tie them together and watch the growth I know I will see. What a great feeling to actually implement the information I’ve learned. That is the real difference with Tracy’s mentoring program. You learn and you implement! Her program is logical, taught step by step with her constant encouragement along the way.

What can I say Tracy? Thanks for a fabulous learning experience. How can I work with you next?”

Leslie Brogden, Owner and Developer

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Specialist

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