Maybe it’s not internet marketing that I love, but more the lifestyle.

I love that I am always available for my kids, especially this week.

This week was their last week at school, and if a parent had a job, I have no idea how you would pull off supporting your kids at their end of year schedule.

There have been tons of events we have been pulled to all week, but the best for us were my son Caleb Repchuk’s music concert. He received a music award as well from this. I wish he played the guitar we bought him, or the keyboards, but alas, he loves the flute.

Then we also had our daughter Celeste Repchuk’s theatre event. This was an improve and skit type of event, complete with monologues. This was a very fun evening, my God are some kids talented.

Then the awards event for Grade 8 graduation. I knew my daughter Kennedy Repchuk was intelligent, she reads about 10 big books per week on top of her school schedule – but she really pulled off some greatness. She got the English Award medal of excellence, the California Junior Scholarship Federation Gold Seal Award, Straight A’s and the Presidential Award of Excellence, signed by Obama with a letter from the whitehouse. This we will be getting framed.

And last but not least, graduation. Wow they make a fuss about this. The crowd was enormous, band, singing, presentations, very well done. Now maybe this was a Canadian thing but we didn’t have a graduation when I finished grade 8 – especially with prom like dresses. We had a dance in the gymnasium, where yet again the final song of the night was Stairway to Heaven.

Kennedy with Celeste heading to graduation

Balloons were everywhere, flowers were a hot item, I did a giraffe stuffie in a car (we call her a Giraffe because she is 13 years old, and is 5’9″.) It was so cute. A movie coupon, enough hand made jellie suckers shaped like cute things for her and all her friends, and next week we’re off to Las Vegas for a few days with the kids as a celebration. Visit all their favourite places. (We were watching a show the other day and they showed a picture of Vegas, and a kid couldn’t guess what that was – my kids couldn’t believe there are children that haven’t gone there 🙂

So now summer vacation begins. Again, why do I love internet marketing and the lifestyle, because I don’t have to worry about who will take care of them (I never have, working from home all my life), what they will be doing with their time, we have a number of fun events scheduled because I probably won’t work much this summer – pretty much take it off except for some classes I’ll teach, and teleseminars I’ll give. We will probably head to Canada for a visit with folks, and then enjoy the time that you can never get back with them while they still love to hang out with mom and dad.

Tonight is definitely out for dinner and a movie.

So there’s a quick peak at my week, and what I’ll be up to.

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Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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PPS – Post a comment below. I would love to hear from you. Give me your graduation memories, let me know what you’ll be doing this summer, and if you have kids, share their successes – our kids are the future – lets be proud.


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