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What’s New in Facebook 2012?

Facebook is the highest ranking website in the world, and for good reason.

Tracy Repchuk Facebook BlogFacebook developers are constantly working to stay current and relevant, and to cater to the ever-changing needs of the increasingly techno-savvy general population.

That means that Facebook is ever-changing, itself, and that any regular Facebook user had better be prepared to adjust to some major improvements.

It was hard for many when this changeover occurred, and there are still some bumps many of us are experiencing, but that’s not enough to stop progress.

If you want to use Facebook to its fullest potential, then your best bet is to keep your mind open to whatever Facebook throws your way.

So, how do you stay informed when it comes to Facebook changes? For starters, you can read up on what’s new in Facebook 2012, right here:
Facebook Timeline.

Timeline is Facebook’s new format, and it came into effect March 30th 2012, when all Facebook users will be automatically switched over to Timeline.

Timeline is a completely new way of organizing your posts in chronological fashion, and you can literally go back to the day of your birth and fill in all the important blanks, add pictures, and highlight important memories.

Timeline is like a detailed, digital scrapbook of your life, and although it will take some getting used to, it is not going away.

Your best bet is to learn to use it, and now. You might be surprised to find how amazing some of the new features on. You might even find that you are a Timeline fan.

Picture viewer.

The way you view pictures on Facebook has undergone some major changes.

Now, when you click on a picture, it pulls up the picture viewer feature.

This allows you to flip through albums, make comments, and check off what you like without leaving the page you are on. When you are done, simply close the viewer and you are right back where you started from.

Privacy policy.

Facebook is notorious for constantly updating its privacy policies.
These are serious changes that affect your personal privacy, so there are definitely some things you should be aware of.

Now the privacy policy is easier to access and understand, and you have more options upon initial registration. The amount of data social plug-ins are able to collect from your account will be further limited. You will also be able to delete unwanted data from your Facebook dashboard, including friend requests, pokes, tags, and more.

Facebook’s complete 2012 privacy policy can be found on the Facebook site :

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