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What does Internet marketer Tracy Repchuk do in her spare time?

Why appear in Cannes 2008 Nominated Short films of course.
In fact you have until May 19th to vote for this film.

It is called Struck, and although you can see me in this still shot when I stopped play

In actuality as the film runs – you can no longer see me, but I was an extra for this, and it was totally a fun time. We had to pretend to eat spaghetti for hours. They had a train track that went around the table and the camera would go around with the director as he grabbed his circular shots. My husband Dave was there as well, so we hung out chatting and laughing the whole time (pretending to be out for dinner)

Here is the short film Struck, and until May 19th you can actually vote for this and help it to become more than just Cannes 2008 nominated.

Very fun experience, it took 8 hours to get one restaurant scene so this should give you a feel for how much effort it takes to make a movie, commercial or short film.
On average you get 1 second per hour of filming. When my son was on set last weekend for an American Express commercial, it took 2 days to get 30 seconds.

Something to think about when you are working at your internet marketing.

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get a few good moments, but it is the end result of those moments that reminds you why are you are doing it, and that if you keep moving forward – you will make it.

Enjoy the clip, and remember that you are moving closer to your dreams, and sometimes that can take a big effort.

Tracy Repchuk
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Includes stars such as Bodhi Elfman, Ethan Suplee from My Name is Earl, and Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson).

Director of this film is Taron Lexton

Taron Lexton was born in South Africa, raised in Los Angeles and started directing short films with his friends when he was 7 years old.

He became an Eagle Scout at 16, a Los Angeles Film School graduate at 19 and by the age of 20 had travelled to 35 countries on five continents.

His film experience includes numerous documentaries, short films, commercials and music videos. His recent film, UNITED, was accepted into more than 30 international film festivals, winning more than a dozen awards. His commercial work has been featured on CNN, ABC, Fox, Sky TV and many other networks.

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