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Tracy Repchuk and her team can provide you with a vast array of internet, marketing, and social media services for small to medium sized businesses. In addition they also provide custom programming, and app creation for your advanced needs.

Below is a list of services you can select from – or contact our offices for a custom quote for your project. Many companies will attempt to compare prices of website development and go with the lowest cost option, or perhaps the middle. The things you need to find out when it comes to selecting your website team is:

> Do they have experience with branding?

You see this isn’t about a website, it’s about establishing a brand, a logo, a look, a unique selling proposition and an expectation for your target audience. If your brand does not match your demographic, you will lose business, customers, money, and time. There is a science to creating a website with marketing in mind, and this is where our experience exceeds the competition.

> Do they understand your market?

Understanding a market doesn’t mean you need to be in it or you have done a website for it already, it means you need to be able to research it, find the keywords for your ideal customer, and match them. We don’t need to have done a site in an industry – as we do a site based on the target market of a business. So even if we have a garage or a dentist or a chiropractor site so you could compare – it doesn’t mean it would be built like that at all. No two companies are the same and the key is the keywords and the copywriting and the colors to communicate to your target demographic. It’s about meeting the expectation of your audience. Then it means you need to have the copywriting experience to sell them. In fact companies that often serve one market, do it with cookie cutter templates. We custom build every site specifically to the needs of a researched target market you can penetrate and dominate. I have over 20 years of direct marketing copywriting experience, which means your site will be designed to sell your products and services from a holistic approach of look, colors, brand, and emotion. This isn’t about creating a website you like, it’s about creating a website your customer will buy your products and services from.

> Do they provide the business guidance you need to integrate this into your business?

Making a website is relatively easy when you grab a template, and put some words in it. But putting together a cohesive marketing strategy that starts with brand, logo, Unique Selling Proposition, target market, integrates to social media and moves to the optimum customer experience is an art form. Putting up a website is one piece of the puzzle. Now you need to carry the look into your business acumen, your materials, and you need to create products and services that match the market, from both a price point and results expectation. In addition to getting your sites built, I provide direct business advice for finances, marketing, social media, book publishing, product creation, product launch, and systems integration. This isn’t just about a website, it is about building a stronger business that works in today’s market and developing a website that works for you. I have over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, a marketer, been developing software and websites online since 1994, and have operated 4 successful companies simultaneously. Marketing knowledge is the key to a successful website – not website design. A pretty site that doesn’t sell – is like having a nice brochure that wins awards. Unless it is money in your pocket from the leads it attracts, the clients it converts and the sales it generates, it is costing you time, money, and frustration.

Online Clarity Cleanse Call

> You will receive a detailed questionnaire

> we will study your market, websites, social media, and competition

> then we will schedule a call time

From our call you will have:

> Niche direction – your target audience

> Your unique selling proposition

> Full website review

> I will study your market and come up with your landing page domain you will buy

> I will come up with your freebie gift idea and title it should be

> Personalized plan of action you can do – or give to whoever you would like

> You get a full video recording to replay any time you want to help keep you focused

> Social media strategy

> QR code with your landing page domain – and a business card template to follow



Landing Page List Building System

This ‘Done For You” option provides you with a brand new landing page, which is the two page website structure that creates a mechanism to capture and convert leads to buyers. It is the list building tool every business needs to succeed in today’s marketplace.

This system includes:

    • 1:1 Branding and Consult Call
      • Establish target market
      • Identify colors and language for target market
      • Create Unique Selling Proposition
      • Create High Converting Title for Freebie Gift offer
      • Identify domain name to be purchased for the project
    •  Landing page design – look and layout
    • Logo and graphic elements such as banner
    • Landing page content formula for optimum information and elements for inclusion
    • Keywords and optimization research for meta tags and copywriting
    • Freebie gift graphic designed and created
    • Free gift template for maximum conversion results – includes a review by me
    • Setup of Aweber autoresponder system – includes first message and list
    • Integration of autoresponder into the landing page and tested
    • Download Thank You page and next action links
    • Copywriting for attention grabbing headline and supporting text
    • 1 month of business, growth, marketing and social media strategies – during this time ANY questions can be asked

This will include installation and upload of all elements, along with recommendations for site optimization and search engine strategies.

Book your site or request a fully personalized website and marketing quote now




Platinum VIP Program

This program is for those who are committed to developing a new business or taking an existing business to new level. You receive a step-by-step marketing plan and proven online marketing system. It is a step-by-step plan that guides you with straight to the point advice and a no-nonsense direction to move you to your personal goals faster and more effectively.
Platinum VIP Program Includes:

2 Month Program

    • Personalized Mentoring: One-on-one Call for Internet & Business Growth Strategy (1 call)
    • Email Lifeline Access: Unlimited Personal Email Access to Tracy (for 60 days)
    • Business Blast Off Questionnaire: Current Marketing and Long Term Goals Reviewed
    • Detailed Review Website: Reinvent or Creation Guidance for Corporate Website
    • Brand Building: Reinvent or Creation Guidance for Brand and Unique Selling Proposition
    • Brand Sweep: Social Media Branding Review and Guidance
    • Traffic Hurricane Formula: Strategies for Blogs, Social Media, Email Signature and Articles Tele-seminar Trade Secrets: Action Kit
    • Business Reinvention Website and Mentoring Program
    • Business Reinvention Website and Mentoring Program
    • Full corporate/author/speaker website (up to 7 pages)
    • Review of 3 autoresponder messages
    • Landing Page Creation and Set Up (done for you)
    • Landing Page Thank You Download Page Creation and Set Up
    • QR Code for Marketing Materials
    • Free Guide Cover Design and Creation (done for you)
    • Aweber List Setup, 1st message created and Integrated to Landing Page
    • Social Media Guidance
    • Training Access – Landing Pages and Blogs – Instant Customers
    • Training Access – Membership Module – Passive Income Generator
    • Training Access – Customer Attraction Traffic Formulas
    • Monthly ‘Keeping You Focused’ Review Questionnaire
    • Full business development, program creation and financial guidance for 2 months (via email)
    • Advanced Training: How to Become a 6 Figure Coach Fast
    • Advanced Training: 7 Steps to Selling High End Products
    • Advanced Training: Google Adwords
    • Advanced Training: How to Twitter to Build a Fast Community
    • Traffic Bonus Blast to our Followers
    • Tickets to ANY 1-3 Day Workshop (that I put on or I am speaking at and can provide free tickets)
    • Business Success Audio Series
    • Social Media Advanced Series
    • Complete Status Review and Next Action Steps Report (60 days later)
PLUS >>>
  • Lifetime Access to Online Client Only Community
  • Lifetime Access to COMPLETE Internet Marketing System Training


Call 1.818.859.7210 for a consult and quote or simply click the buy now button above to get started right away.


Business Reinvention Mentoring Program Includes:

  • Complete Training Program: Internet Marketing, Sales Pages, Landing Pages and Memberships
  • First Review Website: Reinvent or Creation Guidance for Corporate Website
  • Brand Building:Reinvent or Creation Guidance for Brand and Unique Selling Proposition
  • Second Review Website:Review Updates of Website 60 Days from Start of Program
  • Brand Sweep:Social Media Branding Review and Guidance
  • Traffic Hurricane Formula:Strategies for Blogs, Social Media, Email Signature and Articles Tele-seminar Trade Secrets: Action Kit
  • Guideline ‘How Tracy made $21,000 in 90 minutes
  • Advanced Training:How to Become a 6 Figure Coach Fast
  • Advanced Training:7 Steps to Selling High End Products
  • Advanced Training:Google Adwords
  • Advanced Training:How to Twitter to Build a Fast Community
  • Network Traffic Blast:*Promote Your Site to Tracy’s Facebook, Twitter and Linked In Followers (exposure to over 150,000)
  • * Message must be applicable to our audience
  • Business Success Audio Series by Tracy
  • Millionaire Mindset:12 Quantum Leap Secrets Audio with QL Minutes by Tracy
  • Unlimited Training:Ongoing Training for the Hottest Internet Marketing Strategies and Trends
  • Internet Marketing Q&A Calls:Ongoing Sessions (Full year access to monthly group calls)
  • Copywriting Support:Ongoing copywriting reviews and guidance for website copy, landing pages, sales pages, membership sites and more
  • Landing Page Creation: To Create Data Capture and Massive Online Exposure
  • Lifetime Access:Internet Marketing Training Materials and Modules
  • Private Access:JV Partnership Opportunity for Power Business Mentor Clients
  • Speaker / Trainer Launch:Power Point Review and Guidance
  • Event Training:Marketing Strategies to Create Your Own Events
  • Mentored Client Only Cruise Retreat (annual event – training at sea)
  • Discount Pricing for Power Speaker Training and Power Author Training Events
  • Plus More Special Bonuses and Opportunities Throughout the Year for Mentored Clients Only

Business Reinvention Mentoring & Mastermind Program



Call 1.818.859.7210 for a consult and quote or simply click the buy now button above to get started right away.

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