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Tracy Repchuk to appear at Millionaire Women’s Bootcamp UK.

10 self-made women who were once in debt… ill from stress and worry… school-drop outs… and clueless about business… will soon be sharing the secrets that took them from ground zero to millionaires.

They are travelling – from Australia, Canada, USA, Hawaii and around the UK – to a wealth bootcamp for women. They’ll be revealing the secrets that transformed their lives to a women-only audience of up to 500 at the Earls Court, London, from 31 October to 1 November, 2009.

Inspiration for the event came in the weeks after Oxford mother-of-three Stephanie Hale, was told she might have a brain tumor. She joined forces with Cyprus millionaire Mark Anastasi while she was waiting for her MRI scan – and The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women, UK, was born.

“I thought I was going to die and wanted to do something worthwhile. I’m fine now – and that horrendous time turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We’ve created an amazing event that will change hundreds of women’s lives,” Stephanie said.

The Millionaire Speakers include:

Gill Fielding star of ‘Secret Millionaire’ and ‘The Apprentice -You’re Fired’ – she left school at 16 with two CSEs and is now running 7 businesses.

Dr Joanna Martin – who started her career as a stressed out Australian doctor before becoming a professional speaker based in London… and made over $1.25m in her first year.

Maria Davies – who progressed from a tiny room in an illegally-rented council flat to a country mansion in Sussex with a six-figure income in the space of 10 years.

Lynda Dyer – a world-renowned Australian trainer who overcame an illness that could have killed her… and created a multi-million dollar business in 12 years.

Jennifer Hough – who overcame 5 years of chronic illness to build one of the largest nutrition clinics in Canada.

Tracy Repchuk – who increased her income to six figures in six months… despite having no contacts and no idea what she was doing.

Jennie Armato – the Australian entrepreneur who overcame massive debt, technophobia, and no work prospects to build a world-wide business.

Heather Seitz went from broke and unemployed… to a multiple streams
of income millionaire in a few short months.

Leili McKinley started her first multi-million dollar company with a single sewing machine in her mother’s basement. She sold it and repeated the process with a second company and retired to Maui at 33.

Joint Founders & CEOs of The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women
Mark Anastasi was once a security guard who used to sleep on friend’s floors… but is now a millionaire living in Cyprus.

He said: “I know this bootcamp is going to help lots of women. These women speakers know all the secrets to making money. They are living proof that you can turn your life around.”

Stephanie J Hale was once a single mom on a street where hookers and drug dealers touted for trade. She learned to trade equities, and eventually became a coach at one of the UK’s top trading schools. She also founded her own publishing consultancy.

If you’re in that area, I hope you can make it.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

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