Britpack live was fabulous, and I just returned from a flight which included a UK to Amsterdam to Detroit to Los Angeles route.

I was overwhelmed by the feedback I got when I completed. Words such as masterclass presenter, inspiring, empowering, that presentation was hot!, brilliant, genius, I honestly wondered if they were at the same place as me. When I was done, it was a blur, I had no recall, and now I can’t wait for the DVDs so I can see what they saw.

Here is one comment from an attendee I managed to capture on video.

My sales did support that it went well, but being as it was my first time in the UK, I was more than delighted by the outcome, and the people. It was almost a home coming for me though, as my family originated from there, I still have family there, and the accents and hours in the pub definitely invoked many memories of my growing up, where I went to the UK almost annually from age 5 to 19.

The line up included presenters such as Sean Roach, Nathan Anderson, Scott Paton, and an expert panel which included the CMIS MMIII boys – Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislasson.

It was hosted by Robert Puddy and his partner Pat Lovell, who did a great job in putting it together, and balancing the learning, with practical live site evaluations, Q&A panel focus sessions, and presentations along with the odd tea and biscuit break. So civilized.

The location, a country british manor just outside of Birmingham airport was well chosen as it kept us all together in a very intimate atmosphere for joint venture networking. Did you know that in Britain hotels serve for as long as someone is in the lounge? I do now.

So besides a very successful show what else did I get?

A dream come true actually. A goal that I set upon entering internet marketing was to be a presenter at the same event as Stephen Pierce. With my successful appearance here, I have now been invited to speak in Washington in August 2008, along with Stephen Pierce. Events like this is definitely where you need to be if you want to really quantum leap as an internet marketer.

You can check out my latest product release which will officially be announced next week, but as someone who visits my blog, you get to know before everyone else.

Have a fabulous day – it’s time for me to head to bed now. The lack of sleep is definitely catching up.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Success Coach

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Posted comment:
Hi Tracy – I was at the Britpack Conference in Coventry and would like to tell all your readers how amazing I think you are. I loved your presentation. It was easy to follow and believable, which is so important in these days of computer technology. It is so easy to think it is beyond you, but you certainly dispelled any myths I/we may have had.I have already ordered your book from and joined a couple of your sites and newsletters.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and your ability to share your success in this wonderful online business.
I hope we meet again sometime in the future (hopefully next year at the 2008 Britack Conference)

Thank you again
Janet Matthews

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Tracy Repchuk

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