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Talking Points For The Sticking Point by Jay Abraham

In Jay Abraham’s latest project, he focuses on the effects of the current economic climate and how to recession proof your life.

Here is what Jay Abraham has to say, and after, I’ll explain why you should listen.
(stuff in brackets are my comments)

“As a business owner or professional, you should be anything but fearful in a bad economy or a recessionary period.

In a good market, almost all anybody has to do is suit up and wait for business to arrive at the doorstep. The “jet stream” of prosperity carries everyone forward.
(I’m sure you’ve seen this trend especially in internet marketing)

They don’t have to be good businesspeople. They don’t have to be strategic. They don’t have to offer their clients unique advantages. They don’t even have to be growth-minded. They just get carried along, topsy turvy. In spite of all their ineptitudes or flaws, they will still grow along with the climbing economic trend.
(As an entrepreneur with 23 years of experience, this was a huge issue that drove me crazy. Because in internet marketing, everyone was selling the dream Location The Community Bank and the simplicity of creating a product and getting it out. This was not a business model, and was very short sighted from a teaching perspective, and longevity of operation status.)

But in a bad economy, these people become paralyzed. The music stops, and they don’t know what to do. They retreat. They stagnate. They spend much more time doing more of the same truly ineffectual things they were doing before, but their ineptitude is no longer disguised by the enormous force of the upward momentum of a positive economy.

Such businesses are like hang gliders, hot air balloons, or glider planes. Once they get moving, they can go for hours. But when they find themselves buffeted by changes in air pressure beyond their control, their crash landings are scary to watch.

(Now you’ll see why a business model is so critical to true profit and growth)

Being Unstuck means: (or unaffected by a recession)

• You have a systematic, strategic process in place that is designed in a predictable, sustainable, and continuous manner to bring in prospects and first-time buyers.

• You are producing not just incremental gains but exponential gains year after year.

• You have clarity about all of the factors that affect your business.

• You understand your competitors’ appeal, advantage, and differentiation in the market—and you know how to pre-empt these advantages, or successfully counter-position yourself against them.

• You know the alternative products and services that your prospects can buy in lieu of your products and services.

• You’re incorporating growth thinking into everything you do, every action you take, every investment you make, every contact you forge with your buyer or marketplace.


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