As you know on Monday I made it FREE subscriber day, where you could call if you had ever purchased a product from me for a 20 minute consult, or you could email me questions you wanted answered directly by me.

Most people called, but a few took the email route, which I like, because more people benefit from, if you had the same question.

Here are the 3 I could get to, in fact it was over time.

Q1 – How do I set up a landing page to capture customers?

From: Annette
The key to this question, is understanding why you use a landing page, that way you get an understanding of how to arrange it within your current website configuration.

Here is a link about the why: Site Purpose

As far as how you do it, it is a website so I would recommend a tool such as FrontPage, and then copy the format either outlined in my book, or from one of the favourite landing pages you have discovered. In addition, here is an article I wrote about the Top 10 elements you need to have in a landing page

After the format is known, the only things left are to either:
<1> Make one yourself
<2> Go to a service such as and get one made
<3> Hire a copywriting professional to create one for you ** Recommended **
The reason is the key to a landing page is the ability to capture their interest, and this is done with copywriting, or give away the most amazing thing ever, so that nobody cares what you wrote, they just want the free gift.

Now as for your site, it is a typical catalog based site. Which means it holds all of your products, which is great, but you need the other sites to increase traffic, prospects and conversions. That is their purpose.

So how you do this is to select the top selling product, buy the domain name for that product, put a landing page up, and a sales page after. That way if they don’t buy right away, you get to continue to market and inform them while building a relationship, and the sales page does such a remarkable job that you sell way more because the description isn’t only a paragraph long. Then with your product line, you can get into all sorts of One Time Offers, and bundle similar products together or offer bulk discount purchases.

For option #3 – Hire a copywriter, be sure to check out my Marketing Makeover Maestro site as this is a service I provide.

Also, be sure to check out my Coaching Program as well Entrepreneur in Overdrive as I take you through everything from start to finished landing page and sales page.

Otherwise, the other options are better than sticking with the status quo.

Good Luck.

Q2 – Is it true most people aren’t doing that well at Internet Marketing?
When I say I can only invest a limited amount in advertising, is that limiting me?
What about the Game of Network Marketing, does it work?


There was a big huge paragraph that contained a detailed story, so what I did was pull out the major points to answer.

RE: Not many doing well at Internet Marketing
In my opinion there are many people involved in internet marketing that aren’t making enough to sustain themselves, sustain the buying habits they need to remain educated and informed, and to continue to grow as a viable business. Internet Marketing is a business, and most people that jump aboard looking for a quick buck, end up disillusioned, and broke. There are millions to be made, but it starts at point #1 and continues to build until at last, and finally you have made it. So I think it comes down to 2 errors for those who aren’t making it:

1 – It’s not really something they are committed to, it is something they hope will make them rich if they try a few things that others seemed to get to work. This is where my book really guides you to choose something you are passionate about, and the reason for this is you need to be able to sustain long hours in the beginning. Most people that I know that made it, especially in the beginning stages, spent unbelievable hours making it work, including myself.

2 – They have no plan in place, and buy, buy, try, install, and keep jumping to the next great thing, without getting any prior purchases to work.

Now having said that, they are both easily corrected, and can start anyone back on the right track.

The reason I wrote 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles (and thank you for buying a copy by the way), is for point #1, and point #2. If when you get into this industry you understand it is a business, that you need to work, there is no magic pill that produces money at the click of a button, and that you put in a plan and work it until completion, you will make it. And anywhere from 4 months onward (of course these are generalities, some are instant successes, but those are few and far between to put your money on them), you will start to see a flow of money.

If you take a look in your book, you will see a victory chart. Create this and you’ll get a feel for how it progresses, earnings wise.

RE: Limited Advertising Budget
There are tons of free advertising methods you can start off with, and the book will take you through them. Signatures, links, press releases, articles, articles and more articles. They key is if you are an affiliate, or network marketer, you are capturing the leads with a landing page first, BEFORE you send them to the product,for 2 reasons.
1. If they don’t buy, they are gone forever. And most don’t buy there first visit, it takes relationship building

2. Or the lead is gone, even if they do buy, and you simply get your commission cheque, which means if one day you have a product of your own, you have no database, no list, no prospects and nobody to sell to, and all that time you paid or generated leads, the end result is very little.

So work through every method you can that does not require a lot, and then take a look at the paid options. Yes Google and Overture can be a fast track to income and leads, but it is an art, and the smallest errors can cost you thousands. It is not a game I recommend to newbies or anyone that hasn’t really studied metrics/statistics/testing and copywriting. If you don’t have those skills, Google and paid ads are a costly crapshoot.

So it is reasonable to assume you can only sink so much into advertising, but the key is you have to analyze all the advertising you are doing, every day. If an ad isn’t converting, change the headine, and test again. Next day, compare, change something on the weaker ad. It is a very dedicated person who wins at the Google game.

It comes down to you have to know the value of your prospect (back to metrics), because if you do, you get the cost you can afford to lose, knowing their long term value as a client exceeds the short term loss.

RE: Network Marketing

Network marketing definitely works, for certain types of people. You have to treat it like a business, run it like a business, and even though websites may be created for you, products are created, sales pages, sales emails, etc are all prepared, you need the surrounding skills to make it work.
You mentioned this was the field you were in, so start at the beginning of the book, with the goals section, and make sure your goals fit within what you are involved with. Is it your passion. If yes, then move through the book. The key for this is to set up a landing page to capture visitors and create a relationship with, then eventually, you will sell them. If you leave the control to someone else, and your only job is to get traffic to the site because “it’s a numbers game”, then all of your education needs to be put into getting traffic, and I wouldn’t put all of my eggs into the Google basket.

I hope this has helped, and the book will get you the plan you need to go around your network marketing business.

Q3 – Can I use email/phone/teleseminars for a service versus product?

Definitely you can use my book (you mentioned you had it), and all that I talk about for a service. In fact, the reason many of us do what we do, is for the service part of it. For me, it is my coaching program service I sell on my teleseminars. Books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs – we all talk about that, because that is the way to generate automatic and unattended revenue. Definitely do it all with your service.
In the book there is a great section on how to do a teleseminar, it is so easy.
The key is to start to build your list. You need a landing page, and autoresponder system ASAP. See the answer above for ways to get that.

Q4 – Unique ISP – where Can I get one of those?

I use – but they are a bit pricy. If you use – you can buy a secure certificate, and that will protect your site, and give it a unique IP address. Others are and (Get the multisite option).

Q5 – What do I think of:
– I recommend them in the book, these is a private label version of – This is for someone who is ready to do it all, right now, because it can carry a hefty fee if you aren’t using the features. Just start off with trial, then basic, then pro when you need it. – Creating an audio for your website is so easy, you can move away from a service such as this one. They were fantastic when they first came out, because it was a hard thing to do. Now with tools such as
which is what I use, it is so simple a child could operate it. It’s cheap, you own it, and you can use it, over and over. – now for some, video generation isn’t that easy, so a service like this is useful. I personally take it from my camera, and post it to youtube, which gives me the video format and commands I need, and the distribution I want.

Q6 – What do you think of audio and video on the landing page?

This is a big debate in the industry, and personally my answer would be to test your page, for your audience, and see which converts best. For sales pages, and other sites, definitely I put video and audio. For the landing page though, I would test this. Do 4 different versions – one without anything, one with just audio, one with just video, one with audio that encourages them to opt-in, and they can play a video if they want. Rotate them, or do different week long stretches, and then compare the analytics. Then pick the best that works for your audience.

Hope these answers have been helpful.

Q7 – I have no website and no niche, what would you do if you were starting again?

This is a great question, and the really cool part is, nothing. I had a very clear path. It went:
1. Attend a World Internet Summit – see what was out there, and see who had a program where I wanted to start
2. Pick a mentor – I picked 2 at my first show
3. Do what they say to do. In my case it was pick a niche (because I was starting at the same place as you – so I picked a niche).
4. Create a landing page around your niche (I had no product, and sold nothing for the first 4 months. All I did was build the list, and give them information. I would change this part. I would properly mix it with product selling, joint venture promotions, etc. until I had my own product).
5. Buy an autoresponder to create the messages that automatically go out to a subscriber and start to create a relationship.

That was my first steps. If you have my book, you truly have the path that is perfect for someone who hasn’t got a clue. You’ll see from the book – why. It goes extensively into getting out your niche and goals, before you go running into the arena.

Q8 – I have a job I don’t enjoy. How can I make the transition from job to internet business

When you are someone with a job, you have to be doubly dedicated to making this work, because you have to do your job, fulfill any other obligations you have, and then without fail, you have to work your internet marketing business EVERY DAY. No joke. It isn’t a magic pill, and the more you do that, and stick to it like a ‘get out of my sucky day job diet’, the faster you will get there. You have to really get momentum going in internet marketing to break the different income barriers, and then create an income level where you know you can live. The second you come within inches of your curent wage levels, and are making that on a monthly basis, get rid of the job, and put everything you can into your internet marketing business, and in quantum leap style, you will rocket launch once the full transition is made.

But I will tell you one thing, because I devoted an unbelieavable amount of hours in the beginning, is it is so worth it when you have money in an account when you wake up. It is magic!

Thanks for your questions, and your calls, and I enjoyed meeting a whole bunch of new people today. If you don’t have a copy of my book and find yourself struggling, get a copy. I guarantee it will help you!

Take care everyone, and look out again for when I offer one of these days, or I think next time, I’ll offer an open-forum teleseminar, and you can ask me, and everyone can benefit all at once.

Tracy Repchuk
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