Hey everyone,

I wanted to do a quick fun post today, because this past summer, as we wind down and I take my kids tomorrow to Santa Monica Pier for a play and beach day, I wanted to tell you about the Internet Marketing Lifestyle, and what it can do for you.

I am only at the early stages of this lifestyle, and I can say already that it is wonderful. It is small and tasty chunks of what this is going to be once I fully develop it. This summer I traveled a lot, as you may have known by following my blog. Now this isn’t something new for us, we are a traveling family, but what was new is I EARNED MONEY ON AUTOMATIC WHILE I WAS AWAY!

That totally rocked!!

Money in your bank account when you weren’t even there. That paid for every trip we took.

What that really gave me though was:

– Unbelievable time with my kids. They are so precious, and awesome and fun to hang around, (aged 10,11 and 12), that I had such an amazing summer (and therefore, so did they)
– Money to continue to invest in myself, in other mentors, on education and development for the systems I am now getting in place. It is allowing me to grow, without costing me, because I earn more than enough to do this
– Create relationships with other internet marketers that are priceless. David Cavanaugh, Daryl Grant, Paulie Sabol, Brett McFall, and hang out with gurus such as Stephen Pierce, Ewen Chia, Armand Morin, Mark Joyner, and meet Mike Filsaime and Jay Abraham
– Travel on someone else’s dime for fun, not work (my trip to Singapore – all expenses paid)
– Always waking up excited about the day, and going to bed excited about tomorrow
– Happiness of knowing that I am in control, and working towards the ultimate goal – complete financial freedom and the ability to ultimately help not only those who know me, but on a larger world-wide scale – and we can see it is very close
– Both my husband and I took a cruise we had wanted to go on for 3 years. I visited 5 different carribean countries, and maxed out the play time on them (swam with Sting Rays, snorkled in reefs and wrecks, swam in a hot springs, walked through a rainforest, bathed under a waterfall, went to one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen in St. Lucia)
– Been able to donate when the groups I am involved with needed it

But the biggest joy of the Internet Marketing lifestyle, is the automated income.

I see a way out. The light at the end of a tunnel. I have been a successful entrepreneur for 22 years, but I couldn’t figure out how to monetize beyond the linear money for time model. I sold software, but that is so complex that you still have the time factor with pre-sales and after support, so the profits kept getting swallowed.

The overhead for an internet marketing company is a fraction of that for a conventional business model.

The people in this industry share ideas, swap ideas, scoop ideas, emulate, master, revise, update, and the continual evolution and improvement of the process, keeps it thriving and always moving towards the ultimate model that I know will come, because some of the most innovative people I have ever met, are in this industry.

Now I didn’t talk cars, houses, beach homes, because I haven’t spent my money that way yet. At present I think I donate 35% of my earnings to charity, so I haven’t yet built material wealth, but the wealth I have gained from doing this, is an exchange that me and my family are happy with. In fact, when it can be more, it will be. We do live in a beautiful place with a resort style pool, and fitness center, and business center, and 2 spas, it is like living in a resort, always on holiday. Because we moved from Canada to the US only a short time ago, and literally sold everything we owned, excluding personal possessions because it was more cost to move it here than it was worth, it was a very freeing experience. So not having to manage material things right now, is a very easy way to live. Of course we have a vehicle we love, with DVD player, and the full options, but we don’t own multiple cars. At one time we owned 6 cars – and only really drove 3 of them. We were collecting a classic Mercedes, and a truck, and it became stuff that anchored us down.

So right now, we are living the Internet Marketing lifestyle, and as we grow more, we’ll see where that takes us.

So if the Internet Marketing Lifestyle is something you have always dreamed about. Something you want for you, and your family, be sure to check out my personal one-on-one coaching program, that helps to get you there.

It shows you how to shatter your barriers, finance your freedom and accelerate your life as an entrepreneur into overdrive as you tap into the unlimited stream of automated income.


The only thing better than earning money while you play, is earning money while you sleep.

I’ll see you soon.

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

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