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Wow! That’s the first thing I’ll start with.

Stephen Pierce is a force of nature.

The World Internet Mega Summit has been so exciting for me meeting many of the attendees, and meeting the speakers. It is definitely a dream come true.

When Stephen walks on stage – you know it. He commands his space, the audience, and leaves you hanging on his every word whether it is about Internet Marketing, or the cause he undertook while at the event, to raise and feed 1,000,000 children.

I was very pleased to see this, and to me it elevated the industry, the WIS event, and Stephen’s ability to multi-task, care, and take it beyond the number of webhits, or successes. It was about taking an industry and showing that the power of the Internet is for good, and also for really good. For really making a difference not only for those involved, but for those we need to care about.

It is the start of a new trend in Internet Marketing, and I was blessed to have been a part of it, contributed to it, promoted it, and watched as the cheque was presented to a local actress who devoted her own time as well to the cause.

Stephen had an army of supporters with him, which added to his appeal that his legions of fans and students, and proteges, were as important to him, as he was to them.

I loved his casual nature, and his attire. I know many speakers do dress for the occasion, but I laugh as I picture most of them returning to barely above naked as they work from the comfort of their homes or vacation retreats. I do see the logic in dressing up, it is a business, you are making a presentation, but I really enjoyed the break away spirit of Stephen as he allowed his words and actions to be the bottom line.

Stephen focused on the business aspect of the internet, and how the focus of effort, combined with momentum was a critical element to long term sustainability versus short term effect. He identified and broke down the patterns of core concepts of life, music, art, marketing, and by this identification, and emotional connection, you create a relationship that goes beyond the product.

It was a pleasure appearing on the same stage as he did, and a dream come true.

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Tracy Repchuk

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Tracy Repchuk

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