Wow – what a day – the room housed 400 people, and it was overflowing by 9am.

They were standing by 10am, and it was clear this room was not going to house the conference – so another well done by Mark Anastasi.

I speak tomorrow, so am looking forward to a similar crowd, because for a Friday, this turnout is remarkable. Interesting thing to note – 95% men, 5% women – which I actually expected. Women don’t think listbuilding, they think relationships.

We were close to being shut down for fire hazard. I can already see a strategy I was going to use, would be tough in this room logistically. They were packed in like sardines.

It started off with Mark Anastasi preparing the crowd for an entrepreneurial mindset versus the job mentality.
He is a great crowd warmer, and had them relaxed, and ready to go.

Here are some secrets he shared:

1. Get a mentor and copy a formula – of this I of course totally agree.
The reason I am where I am, is because of my mentors, and the formulas they taught me.
I followed them, and they worked.

2. The more you invest in yourself, the more you earn, providing what you are learning is not how to work, but how to leverage what you have

3. Money is the value you create for other people. Add more value to more people, not just show up. Give people what they want.

4. Business is an interface between your value and your target market

This opened the door for Chuck Mallaney – who was talking about Financial Freedom through list building

Chuck runs a social media system called Check it out.

Then it was time for the ‘rock star’ Simon Leung with his Google Update.

The day ended with Steven Essa – on webinar srategies and how to make money from them. Webinars are one of my favourite strategies too.

Tomorrow will be interesting to see – and another day of fantastic speakers.

See you there. I am the first speaker of the day 🙂

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