I was interviewed by Elin and Taner Kilicarslan for SME Business TV.

I discussed the 7 Steps to Starting Your Online Business or moving your business online so you can start to dominate your market.

Establish Your Vision

You need some type of plan. You don’t want to just jump in without figuring out what and where your target market is, who your audience is, and what keywords and phrases they regularly use to find things on the internet.

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Establish Your Brand

Ask yourself these following questions. Remember that as you establish your website, social media, and marketing, there will need to be one consistent message you will need to carry every time; this is your Brand Promise.

Who are you, what do you want to be, and how do you want people to perceive you?

What makes you different? (your USP – unique selling proposition) and what’s the benefit to buying from you?

What is your message going to be and what’s your brand promise?

If you confuse people with your messaging, people won’t understand what you do for them. Consider right now the number of people that say they are “Social Media Experts in Dubai” but they live in the US, then they are “DJ’s”, then they are “Weight Loss Consultants”, then they are “Internet Marketers”, then they are “Web Developers”, then they are events planners, etc. Most likely they are struggling.

Build Your Database With A Landing Page

This is a 1-Page website where you have an offer or a gift in the form of something educational, like a guide or “7-StepsTo…” e-book that can be downloaded directly from this landing page site. You want to educate people further but unfortunately there is only so much you can do at this early stage. So you ask the visitor to give you their name and email address in what’s called an Opt-In form in exchange for them to receive this gift. This pulls that person into your database where you can interact with them more frequently by sending them emails with other useful gifts that helps them build trust and get to know and like you.

Communicate With Your Subscribers

An auto-responding email system can communicate for you even while you’re not there. When someone wants to download your gift, they have to fill in a form with their name and email (or other form options you choose) and this is called an “Opt-in Form”. You’ve probably filled in tons of these without even thinking about it.

Build a New Website or Revamp Your Existing One

Make sure your website speaks to your visitors. Once people visit your website, why should they stay there and look around, and why should the visitor want to trust what you’re offering?

Social Media, SEO, and Blogging

If done effectively, these can be great tools to communicate with and leverage your visitors. For example, use Twitter to push prospects to your website. Use Facebook to interact with your community where you engage them further and push them to your events such as webinars or offline events. Use LinkedIn to meet more professionals and help them with what they need. Of course YouTube is the best platform for your video-based marketing message to be kept.


Get Traffic For Your Site
Start to focus your efforts on driving more traffic to your site. This is done through methods such as blogging relevant content for your audience, sharing it on social media, and having the people share this same content with their networks which drives more people to your blog post, and inevitably your site. You can also start to use Search Engine Optimization techniques to increase your page ranking within search engines so that people find you much more quickly and ranked closer to that all-important #1 spot on Google.

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