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Top 10 Small Business Marketing Ideas

There are a number of ways for a small business to penetrate the market place or earn extra income, so to help you think out of the box, here are some ways you may not have considered that are some ten of the biggest money makers.

1.  Offline consulting.
The demand for internet marketing and SEO skills is at an all time high and local mom an pop small business owners are eager to pay for simple SEO tasks.

2. Mail Order.
Almost completely ignored during the last decade, direct marketing using “snail mail”, whether in the form of letters or even postcards, is creating new found fortunes once again, as competition has dropped significantly due to the internet, and in particular, email marketing.

3.PPC (Pay Per Click).
Pay Per Click marketing is far from being new, but is still one of the easiest ways for small business owners and internet marketers to gain almost instant financial success. Whether you are promoting affiliate offers or plumbing services, PPC can ring in new leads like nothing else.

4.Web Services.
The proliferation of internet marketing has spawned new opportunity in the service department. Whether it’s SEO, email marketing, web design, or even backlinking, web services will only continue to increase in demand.

5. JV’s.
Joint Ventures have and always will remain one of the fastest routes to financial independence, and in many cases outright wealth. Just by partnering with the right established marketers can make all the difference in the world.

6. ClickBank.
By creating your own information products and submitting them to you can have a literal army of affiliates promoting your product, and all the commission payouts are handled by ClickBank themselves.

7. Article marketing.
There are online resources like that will actually buy your articles. Furthermore, the article can be written to promote your own product, CPA offer, or regular affiliate product for future commissions.

8. Network or Direct Marketing.
Gone are the days of people rolling their eyes at the mention of network marketing opportunities. Indeed, even Amway and Avon have reinvented themselves and have grown tremendously.

9. Build Your Own Brand
Probably the most powerful small business ideas is to brand yourself. By being recognized as THE authority in any given topic, and by building a list of subscribers, one can literally make hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the push of a button (or click of a mouse) by simply sending out a new offer via an autoresponder.

10. Leverage other markets
Keep your friends close, and your competition closer. In many markets if someone buys 1 of something, they will buy another. If you can cross market with your competition, and everyone will win.

While this was just one list of the top 10 small business ideas, the one common denominator of any successful small business venture is to take action.

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