Day 4 Top Affiliate Challenge – The tribes combine

It’s clear that in order to ensure safety in affiliate marketing, and on the Top Affiliate Challenge, you need to be on top.


We clearly have a number one team – $1,302.50 in 24 hours – Team Toolbarn – Jeremy

#2 – Pretty good – Team Pepperjam – Close but no cigar – $916.66

Last – and abysmally so – $127.75 – Come on people. What is going on? No traffic? No Sales? You need to really get together as a team – choose a leader, something has to change – you are in a condition of DANGER. John Chow – take over.

There was a challenge today, and someone will be safe.
To get it – they had to promote the hotel they were staying at – by linking to by commenting on blogs, hotel sites, etc. Great idea to see how they can get out there with something they are promoting. With 4 team members, there should be a lot of posts.
10 points per post – 1 hour.


Team Toolbarn went at it individually.
Jani – 0, Tom – 0, Ronda – 40 pts, Jason – 70 pts – Total 110
Watched Big Jason make a call that paid off. Relationships are great, but if someone is not readily available, your skills have to come through. branded as a team. – 45 points

Team Pepperjam – 220 points as a team. They rocked. Ken – dude!

Words of the day from this episode:
Tier One
Public Lable Rights
Search Engine Optimization
One Field
Return on Investment
Pay Per Click
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
ISP – Internet Service Provider
Incentived Offer
Link Building
Text Link Ads
Click Thru Rate
Porcupines in Heat
Google Juice
Zingwacker Ideas

They could then pick the drill set, or $100 voucher. They took the gift card.

Seems Jeremy is away?? His wife went into early labour, plus he has 6 companies he runs.

John Chow close-up – prefers when Jeremy is out and about – gives him peace and freedom.

Ken McArthur – Jeremy is gone, he did it all for his team day one, but now isn’t around. Favours seem to have been called in – not sure the impact.
We work as a team, and don’t pay much attention to what the others are doing.

The elimination round:

Will we be bored again with no eliminations? We’ll see.

Immunity choice by Ken was Johnathon Van Clute. He has immunity.


Collin LeHay chose himself to be eliminated. Hated the elimination rules that affected yesterday, caused a double elimination.

Collin D – voted himself. Same reasons – not happy with no elimination from a -7.00 result. I do agree that was a slap in the face that nobody went home from that team.

Ian voted for himself.

They worked their tails off, and got no results, optimized, and were completely deflated.

John Chow had to make the choice – he went with Ian, who was VERY happy.

Seems we have some answers to the poor results.

Team Pepperjam – nobody was eliminated. They are all safe.

Team – Jeremy’s wife went into labour – he had to leave, the guru is gone, they have now combined with They are now one team.

Oh the drama.

Twisting in affiliate marketing isn’t drama. Affiliate marketing itself is drama, you can show us the detailed steps. Ian said – whole competition prediction – one of the Collin’s. John Chow tip he pulled out – relationships are important, John worked hard, matched the budget, and showed us all that it is key and easy to use other people’s money.

The ShoePlex – seemed like an offsite place for that team. What’s that all about?

John Chow – looking forward to working with new team.

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