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Day 5 Top Affiliate Challenge – 4th of July Let the Fireworks begin

Jeremy Schoemaker is gone, and it is up to 2 gurus to make it happen.

XY7 combined with Team Toolbarn.

Jonathon has the immunity ring.

New affiliate offers, so this should help to create some results.

Team Pepperjam – $1800. Well done. This is great team work.

Team – $360.60 – Ouch. Only Jason clapped. Apparently Team Toolbarn was the only ones to bring in the cash. Seems to be a lack of cohesion, and individual efforts are producing the only amounts on the board.

Jonathan handed over the ring to Collin De Ruyck. Haven’t seen much from him in the videos, but perhaps we’ll see more of his efforts.

Ronda’s birthday – let’s hope she isn’t the one to go.

Here it is … drum roll please..

Ronda chose Jani
Collin D chose Jason Henderson
Collin L chose Jason H too
Tom Furry Hat chose Collin Le Hay
Jason chose Collin Le Hay – with some self preserving comments
Jani chose Ronda – arbitrary – knew she was safe
It is up to John Chow – the guru has the crap job again – he chose Jason – said he isn’t a team player. So Jason, the lone ranger, was gone.

No immunity challenge today, and the work begins.

In the room – Jason had some comments about John Chow, unity, team, he was surprised considering he was sort of the ‘team’ leader for Toolbox. Perhaps the drinking, whining and complaining hurt XY7. Worst coach ever, not into winning. Obviously he thinks the current team has no chance. Let us see what happens next.

Jason is on to his next game – blogging, and back to his bunnies.

Tip of the day from John Chow for all of us.
– Pay per click, to get additional free money, just use a coupon code. Find them scattered all over the web, find a $50 to $200 code, and start for FREE. One coupon per customer, per credit card, get a prepaid VISA, and another and another, and they are all unique that you can attach to the account. Set up an account with this, and voila – the cards are free, you load with a minimum of $25. Easy baby, I’m off to buy a bunch. This was worth watching for.

Jeremy’s wife just had a baby girl – CONGRATULATIONS and blessings for the whole family. So he may come back, this will be hilarious as they join forces to go against Ken with both barrels.

Ken’s Tip:
Ken assessed his teams skills – very good idea. It’s what I would do. Like building a mini company to get maximum benefit. – lots of blogging, and content site with video play. Nice skills. Looks like this team has a common goal, and each person works towards that for the common good of the team.

Share something in 60 seconds:
Some Essential sites:

Jeremy was back on camera. Battle wounds.. ahhh. The hospital was close, so he could pop back. Looking forward to his new role. Shocked about the elimination, but pretty disappointed with the fact they made no money while he was gone. Me too, I am shocked for the fire power they have. Hope your affiliate dreams come true, and lead to a prosperous product launch of your own.

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So combined tribe, with rumours that Jeremy the guru will return and together they’ll take on Ken and his team.

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Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

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