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Day 6 Top Affiliate Challenge – For us, it is a learning day

No elimination today – but the results are in… and in they will be combined with the next results.

Collin has the Wright’s Jeweller’s Immunity Ring.

Team Pepperjam – grew. Black shirts spread around the room. What’s up – we find out that John got Pepperjam to donate money, and he also wore their shirts.

TIP OF THE DAY – If you don’t ask, you don’t get. That is something I need to listen to, because I rarely ask, and John just showed how easy it works.

John Chow thanked the Ken’s network which donated to their Pay per click campaign.

$87.93 – Good God people, this is affiliate marketing. Am I missing something? Is there some difficult thing we don’t see as viewers?

$1680.50 – Ken’s team rules again. That deserves a clap.

Ken was amused that John Chow asked Ken’s sponser for funds, and got it. So Ken called Chris too of Pepperjam to see what’s up dude? Even with the huge donations though, it’s all money out, and not in. Can’t wait to see what they will finally do with this money.

How to Optimize a PPC campaign:

Adwords –
Step 1 – Keyword bid, What are people searching for?
Step 2 – Ad, headline, 2 body copy, display URL, and actual URL. All of this impacts whether your ad is clicked.
Step 3 – The offer (ie. landing page, sales page, or affiliate offer)
Step 4 – Data – need to know how it works together statistically. Thousands of impressions means good keywords. No clicks, ad isn’t working. No impressions = poor search terms.

What to optimize at this point? Work from headline on down.

Multi-variate testing involves testing only one factor at a time.
ie. headline – wait for results

Optimization is ongoing, and can be a slow process of trial and error.

If no conversions, then the offer page needs to be improved. If it is an affiliate that you can’t change, then you can either contact the affiliate and they may be open to it. I always put a landing page in front of an offer, so that I at least have them in the system, then I can work them without being dependant on the affiliate page right off the bat.

Wes looked like a deer in the headlights after Jonathan shared his stuff. His PPC stuff rocked.

Ken – incentivized offers
– Give money or a free gift for opting in.
– You have to make sure what you give has true value
– When you buy traffic, capture the person, then make the offer
– Then take them through a funnel system and build a relationship with them

Provide a real solution, to a real problem, or you won’t have any IMPACT (buy Ken’s book by the way of that title.) It is fantastic.

Share something in 60 seconds

Ronda Del Boccio shared her thoughts of the day.
– Carry a book for notes to capture your inspirations right away
– Get clear on your passions, then follow that path
– what’s your point? Put a point on the page.
– Shape 2 – vertical line – if you were aligned with that point or purpose, it makes decisions easy
– Shape 3 – horizontal line – what do you stand for, because if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything
– Shape 4 – triangle – what you are attracting into your life
– Shape 5 – circle – your community and starting as you mean to continue

If you dream big, work hard, and believe, you can do it.

John Chow – build relationships, and always let someone know how you can benefit THEM, that is how doors will open. If you want to be a somebody, act like somebody.

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