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Episode 11 – Team XY7 is gone

Jani has the Wright’s Jeweler’s Immunity

Team Pepperjam – Ken Rocks – $3771.20 in one day – $6055.14 2 day total
Never blue ads

Teal Toolbarn – $1521.25 – $3125.37

Team – $2250.00 = $2959.70

So that means Collin LaHay is gone, the 18 year old youngster and Devin Hunter. And that team is out.

Networking is key.

Affiliate managers you can negotiate with them.

It’s down to 4:
Returned dude – Big Jason Henderson
Jani Ghaffor – had immunity
Jonathon Van Clute
Carl Zetterlund

Jani partied – but he had immunity, so whatever.

Ken looks very tired. What a trooper. I agree what he said about taking advantage and watching them. Partying can come at home, learning is key right now. Ken predicts Jason is saving his favours to the end, that is my guess too.

Safety comes from the #1 spot – it’s an individual game now.

Share something in 60 seconds
Video rules. YouTube, landing page, just do it. Concept – a picture is worth a 1000 words. He did a sample,

“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” Mike Litman

My question is – how does Google optimize your blog based on video content? My SEO rocks on my blog because I focus on keywords for a post.

Law of Attraction – what you put out is what you will get back.

Devin Hunter interview – find out more

Wes Wyatt interview with Carl –
– feels great about making it this far
– Out of Carl and Jason – they called Carl the worker bee
– Unusual that it’s not about making the most money – that’s when you win as an affiliate. Especially since Jason didn’t produce any income
– Feels Jason is all talk. Jason is usually a last minute guy – he’ll pull all stops at the end, that is his style
– Jason is giving the perception he is out for himself
– Carl’s secret weapon – work ethic, learned from Johnathon Van Clute, and he is going to apply that and see what happens
– Carl says for him it is intuitun, hope and good luck

Wes interview with Johnathon –
– Has he taught too much? Carl has been taught very well.
– Johnathon is the worker bee for this team
– All the money today was Carl – and yet Jason said he had it all going on, but none of it produced and money
– Planned a strategy with Jani – who left for a 3 hour hair cut
– But he did return, do what was asked, and did it

Tune in for the next episode that will show you the results and get us one step closer to the Top Affiliate Challenge.

Tracy Repchuk
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