I am a part of the Social Media Superstars project and was asked a few questions. Here are some of the sneak peeks.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a communication medium that allows you to engage, share your experiences, life, and assist others in a global manner that impacts not only the recipient, but the followers of you and them.

What are the biggest Social Media Myths?

For me the two myths that stand out for me are:
1 – Social media is a waste of time
2 – Social media is my business

Social media is a tool of your business, but is not the business model you should adopt primarily because you don’t own any of it. The followers, the account, the content. But social media is not a waste of time, because used properly it is a way to reach a direct target audience, globally, and make a massive impact without having to find that audience one at a time.

What are the Top 20 Sites for Social Networking? Here are my top 12.

1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Twitter
4. Linkedin
5. Google +
6. Blogger and WordPress
7. Digg
8. Pinterest
9. Instagram
10. Meetup
11. Ning
12. Stumbleupon

What are your top 5 Social Media Success Strategies?

1. Moving them from social media to my funnel
2. Asking questions and engaging
3. Sharing my life along with my business
4. Adding pictures, videos and making each post matter
5. Educating them with what they need to know

What are your top 10 Social Media Tips? Here are my top 5

1. Be spontaneous and share often
2. Levarage content you have and repurpose
3. Engage, ask questions, be interactive
4. Make it a fun place to be
5. Offer incentives, prizes, and encourage participation

What are your top 10 Social Media Do NOT Do’s?

Do Not –
1. Leave your social media contacts there only, move them into your funnel
2. Just use it to sell – this is about relationships
3. Post anything that you may regret later
4. Set it up and ignore your followers
5. Let others ‘be’ you and speak on your behalf

There will be 20 of us putting this together as a unified strategy, so look forward to the complete list when it’s published. I’ll send you the link when it’s done, and get you invited to the online webinar series too.

Social Media can be a confusing landscape to navigate – hope this will help you stay focused on what really matters.

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