The Top 5 crap subject lines in Internet Marketing

… and no, free isn’t one of them.

Some times you just have to rant, and today is one of those days.

Email subject lines – I have become such an advocate for effective and respectful email subject lines that I have been invited to speak at the Association of Strategic Marketing National Conference

My topic: Writing Effective Emails and Subject Lines: Getting Your Email to Arrive and Thrive.

They assigned the topic to me, so it has me looking pretty heavy at what is going on right now.

And you know things have turned into a free for all marketing fest with people grabbing ruthlessly at sales in any way they can, when I get subject lines that say:

#1 Get this!

– Could that be any more unimaginative – like they had 3 seconds to get out an email and attempt to make some sales today

#2 – It’s Crazy…. this is crazy… Jim has gone Crazy…

– this has become one of the most abused word in internet marketing and I for one hope it is failing.

Nobody is going crazy, nobody has lost their minds, they are looking for a way to make a sale today and this is it. The price isn’t insanity – it’s bad enough people are labeled with this – but now every action you take is also insane. Then why would I buy from you?

#3 – I’m sorry, oops, will you forgive me?

Are you trying to show us you are in such a rush to get people’s money that Location New Resource Bank you made a mistake? Mistakes happen, I know that, I have done them, but the problem with overused tactic #3 is now when we make them for real, it’s a gimmick. The truth has been removed completely from these phrases.

#4 – dude
Do I even have to comment on this one? I got this, that’s as interesting as “Hey”

#5 – I have really bad news

Then they proceed to tell you their product has sold out.

Bad news is my house burned down, a family member is sick, I broke my leg, the economy is still getting worse, I went bankrupt -that is bad news.

Your product sold out is not bad news. Missing out on that opportunity – is not bad news.

Why do you make your subscribers feel like crap. Why not just say “You are a loser for not buying. If you continue to be this stupid, you’ll be living in on the streets.” And I’m amazed that more don’t opt out with that combination.

And for the latest trend – putting a RE: in front, like you communicated with them first 🙂

RE: you wanting to buy my stuff…

As someone who respects copywriting, and internet marketing done right, if you see emails with stuff like this, check it out and maybe start to follow some other people instead.

It’s your in-box, make sure you are treated right.

This is just a few of my opinions, and it really fits with Judith and Jim’s Soft Sell community philosophy.

Tracy Repchuk

PS – Leave a comment on this blog – Are these type of email subject lines coming at you?

Are you getting bored with the constant onslaught of sales pitches?

Let me know below. And even better – post any you got that you thought were just pitiful, stupid, boring, rude, unimaginative, caused you to opt out…

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