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Top 4 Reasons Internet Marketing Newbies Fail and How You Can Avoid Them

Over 90% of those that attempt to make money on the internet, fail. Even worse, many spend a lot of money for that disturbing outcome. Tracy Repchuk reveals after coaching hundreds of students on a monthly basis, the trend that many newcomers to internet marketing are experiencing, and what you can do to avoid them.

It can be broken down into four primary categories.

1. Money
2. Time
3. Information Overload
4. Wrong information, Wrong Order, Wrong Time

Think about it … have you encountered ANY of these problems along the way.

When I am presenting from the stage on my appearances at the World Internet Summit, almost every hand goes up when I ask this.

We have all encountered them at some point, the question is, how do you fix it.

There are two issues you need to address when you come into internet marketing as a newbie, and that is:

1. Why are you here – big picture reason
2. What are you willing to do to achieve your goals

Those in turn answer how to prevent the above situations from shattering your dreams.

Let’s take a look at each of these:
1. Money – Attitudes usually revolve around mentors cost a lot, so they don’t
get one. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, this is a hard field to crack. Reason is the pace that technology moves is staggering and just as you grasp a concept the long and hard way, that is obsolete. Mentors keep you on top of the trends that are working right now. The second is it is an industry that is hard to tackle by yourself. You need friends, joint venture partners, and relationships in order to create environments where you can sell, and have others help you promote. Million dollar days do not happen alone. This takes creating relationships with mentors who can get you to the next level quickly, while educating you to success. Saying “I don’t have any money” is a mindset you will quickly need to eliminate or it will always be true.

2. Carrying a job, and trying to make this work too, family obligations, etc. This is a reality for most who start, part-time, with little available time. The bottom line here is how bad do you want it, and what are you willing to do to get it. It will mean huge self-discipline, no TV, reading, news, getting up earlier, going to bed later – it’s not forever – but think of this effort as having a child. In the beginning it was lots of extra effort, but later, you look back and realize it was well worth it.

3. Ready to explode from information overload. This is a fact based on the incredible amount of information that you are exposed to, on hundreds of different revenue streams you can choose from. You will also be inundated with emails like you have never seen before of the marketing efforts of others. That is why when it takes extra effort to stay focused on completing one task until it makes money, if you are well aware of why you are doing it, your dreams, and big purpose, that will keep you moving forward.

The biggest issue is wrong information, in the wrong order, at the wrong time. There is tons of information out there, but it’s like putting together a rosetta stone for internet marketing if you don’t already know what order you should be doing things, and when, and what information is valid now and what isn’t anymore. This is an area where much attention should be placed.

The first three options come from you. You can overcome all of them through your own determinism. The fourth option can stop you dead in your money-making tracks and completely derail you. Getting mentors that are making their money doing internet marketing, and using reliable sources of information – not necessarily just the free ones will greatly assist your success.

By overcoming those four barriers, you will easily be on your way to making the money you know this rich and powerful field can provide.

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Tracy Repchuk
#1 Quantum Leap Coach

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