I had the honor and pleasure of appearing on the Joyce Barrie and Friends Radio show again today – and the topic I addressed was

How to Become Googles Best Friend

The 4 things I addressed were:
1. What site you can’t ignore 

2. How to capture search engine domination in 3 simple steps

3. What social media does Google love – that you MUST be doing

4. How to piggy back your brand on all of this

Here is a summary of the call:

1. What site you can’t ignore

Your blog – a blog stands for web log – it is like a journal type of system – however it allows you to capture the largest audience on earth – Google.

Google loves a blog – because people who blog provide fresh dynamic relevant content.

Best part is it is easy to do. You don’t need to be technical – you can easily create a post. This is a place you put your your updates, articles, press releases, announcements, product links, or talk about your industry or niche. You can dialogue with your target market.

This is the FASTEST way to get ranked for keywords. I literally do a post for a keyword and in 3 seconds I can rank #1 on that page. I just did it the other day and came #3 to Amazon. That is the power of a blog.

The key here is don’t just go to blogger.com or wordpress.com – build your blog UNDER your master site, and get the attention to your site – not theirs.

2. How to capture search engine domination in 3 simple steps

1. Use your blog headline – and make it keyword rich

2. Frequently post. That is what Google is looking for. If you have a blog and aren’t
posting frequently, then your blog us useless and your wasting a huge opportunity to
dominate keywords you want – for FREE.

3. Make your post keyword rich. This isn’t about an arbitrary ramble. Know your point of
the message, research the keyword that will get it noticed, use the keyword in your
post to around a 2% density.

3. What social media does Google love – that you MUST be doing

1. The first most people know – and that is YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search
engine in the world – people are starting to bypass Google and go straight to Youtube.
But that doesn’t bother Google a bit because they bought YT in October 2006 for 1.65
billion – because they saw the video trend.

So post videos on Youtube, make them content rich and keyword rich and drive traffic to
your websites.

2. The second was a quiet up and comer – that has now turned the corner and if you’re not
on it and working it – you’re missing out on content placement. That is Google +

Google + is an online game changer. It has taken the best elements from all the
platforms and put them in one place.

4. How to piggy back your brand on all of this

Making your blog an integral part of your websites, your daily regime, and master your command of keywords – along with adding your brand to each post – and continue that in
Google +

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Click here to listen to the replay:

How to Become Googles Best Friend – Blog Talk Radio

See you on the other side and make sure you Become Googles Best Friend

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