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Historically companies were the brand, and we stood behind our businesses.

That game has changed because the internet and audiences want to be able to identify the person behind it all. This is to create an ability to identify who they would hire or work with, because the internet became overwhelming there needed to be a way to connect. So the person moved from behind the company and started to stand in front.

This created a problem though – the person did not become the brand, but sent mixed messages between company and themselves. When a person became fully branded, this is when it changed and success was imminent.

After spending 30 years in marketing, branding, and 20 years on the internet, I have a unique ability to bring all the elements together to create a cohesive end to end structure that carries your message, makes you look credible and turns you into the goto authority by profiling you in such a way that you are unique, understood, targeted and shine online.

Branding is beyond a logo, it’s the consistency in how you use it.?It’s a way to equalize your identity online, and allows you to compete against the biggest brands in the world and capture your market space.??A brand is what your customer perceives you to be and do. This is why it’s so important that you put out the brand you want them to perceive and believe you do. You need to project the image you want so your customer can feel and relate and believe you.

When you don’t take time to establish your brand, your customer will determine what it is, and it can be differently perceived by every one of them – confusing your target audience completely. The easiest way to win is to match the expectations of your target market.
?Branding is the consistent message you convey to your customers verbally, visually, and emotionally. You have seconds to make an impact, and your brand is where it needs to begin. Your brand needs to resonate with your target market at every level, and be unique to you.

Your brand has to take the lead. What do you want to be known for?

Then work EVERYTHING around that.

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