I started to read a book called “Man with No Name” by Willy Amos – about his journey as the chocolate chip cookie man – and how he turned lemons into lemon ade.

It is books, stories and journeys like this that I like to share because right now many people are struggling, feeling so close to success, yet miles from it, and generally the outlook at its utmost optimistic – appears to be a long road.

And on the other side of the fence, success is abundant in times that have produced more millionaires than any other time in history.

I will post things I learned from this book for you – as it is something many people need to hear.

“No Matter Where You’re Coming From – You’re Always Going Somewhere”

Willy Amos opened up the first Famous Amos gourmet chocolate chip cookie store in the world and became synonymous with being the worlds most eminent cookie maker. (No offense to Mrs Fields and Pepperidge Farm)

Willy was a man who had come from small beginnings – like many do – and rose to fame, fortune, and all that comes with it.

Have you ever found yourself making excuses that you can’t be XYZ because of where you come from?

Have you ever blamed anyone else for your misfortunes or lot in life?

Have you ever stood up for what you believed in and voiced that publicly?

Have you ever dreamed and not gotten it? Or dreamed so big it was unreal?

Are you still dreaming, setting goals, and going for it – or did life crush you to the point where you feel like a slave to the system – get up, go to work, pay your bills, watch tv, go to bed – repeat, repeat, repeat….

Is today the day you want more for yourself? Your family? Society? The Planet?

Is today the day you will laugh out loud because you can?

Is today the day you break away from your past, your experiences, those things that keep you treading water, or weigh you down to the point you are suffocating?

If it is – start with just this one word – hope.

Obama put his entire campaign around that word – because it is that powerful of a word.

Have hope that your life will change, that you can dream, have what you want, when you want from where you want.

Just start there – and then create a picture of your life in one year. Cut out magazine pictures, words that empower, create a collage or just write it down and post it so you can read it – be a kid again – because the mind is very powerful – and if you create it big enough there, and then take the steps each day to make it happen – life will get different every day – and you will see things from a new perspective – and that alone – can make the difference.

Just don’t put hope in the hands of others.

So how does internet marketing fit into this?

You will see that what happened as I share more from the book, and how social media, websites, and the reporter in all of us can make or break something – but more importantly – Give us the power to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Tools like Twitter are reporting stories from around the world before the media.
Trends hit there like a Tsunami – and are later followed up and reported on by traditional media.

That means the power is now in your hands to be able to voice your opinion, and make a difference.

Before – we could occasionally vote. One vote in a sea of millions lost behind bureaucracy and political agendas, but today – change your perspective – because whether you realize it or not – the ball is in your court – and what you see that you don’t like – CHANGE IT!

Whether that is your own life, or something occurring in the world.

They don’t want you to know – but because of the internet and social media – the people have the power.

You have the power.


And in my next review of A Man with No Name – I’ll talk about how “Only Those Who See the Invisible Can Do the Impossible”

Comment – share your thoughts and ideas – what do you want to change today – ANYTHING?

Let us know – so together we can make a difference, and alone – we can exercise our own personal power.

See you on the other side.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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