Message to Millions Mastermind Mission – The Secrets About Outsourcing They Don’t Want You to Know


Have you hit a financial ceiling? Just not enough hours in the day to take on more business?

You can be a one-person band for a long time, but there comes a point where, to GROW, you HAVE to get help!

Are you passionate about reaching MILLIONS with your message?

Then outsourcing is a total game-changer in achieving your goal! Whether you hire help locally, or overseas,(and there are pros & cons to both),
you must be aware of the CAVEATS to being cost effective…

…because doing this the wrong way could actually shut you down instead of build you up.

That’s why “OUTSOURCING” is Module 5 of my red hot “MESSAGE TO MILLIONS MASTERY” system.

Check out the details .

I’ve been outsourcing for almost 20 yrs, before it was a blip on most people’s radar, because we owned a software company.

With 10 programmers on staff at $90k – $150k / yr each, we had to cut costs, and I’ve tried and tested many overseas scenarios.

I’ve been through it all, including losing tens of thousands of dollars when my overseas support infrastructure was wiped out by a tsunami (there was no personal injury, thankfully).

The best way to reduce risks is get informed of the ins & outs from a reliable source, and proceed with your eyes wide open.

Your needs may range from having one person who does low-level tasks, to having an entire technical team that spans several continents.

Whatever your situation, you’ll learn how YOU CAN AFFORD to GET the HELP YOU NEED, when you’re working from the ground up…

I reveal the secrets in “OUTSOURCING” – Session 5 of “MESSAGE TO MILLIONS MASTERY:”

Here’s a list of just some of what you’ll discover:

–  Learn the Critical Caveats When Outsourcing Will Help You Grow, and When It Will Shut You Down
–  Confidently Enter into Outsourcing with Your Eyes Wide Open, Armed with Top Strategies Based on My 20 Years of Learning the Ins and Outs
–  The #1 Thing You Have to Know About Outsourcing, Whether Hiring Local or Remote
–  Know What Triggers When You Should Start Looking For Help
–  Find Out the 1st Staff Position You Should Fill with Outsourcing
–  The Social Media Dividing Line…What Someone Can Do For You, and What You Should Keep Doing Yourself
–  The #1 Thing to Get Off Your Plate
–  The Best Way to Set Up Your Email
–  What You Need To Have In Place BEFORE You Outsource
–  Know What Elite Skill You Should NOT Have a Virtual Assistant Do, Even If They Say They Can Do It
–  Learn The Golden Ticket Tasks that Virtual Assistants are Fantastic For
–  The Secret to Effectively Interview and Groove In a Virtual Assistant
–  What Massive Time Savers That Are Easy to Outsource
–  Revealed: Types of Jobs You Can Outsource & The Ones to be Wary of
–  Insider Knowledge: Get Direct Website Links to Resources I Use, Why, For What, Who Delivers & Who Does Not, and Tricks to Minimize Costs
–  Transcribing Exposed: What to Transcribe, Who to Use for Transcribing, and How to Make Money from the Content
–  What You MUST Take the Time To Do First BEFORE you EVER Hire
–  How to Afford to Get the Help You Need When You’re Working from the Ground Up

And this is just one of 12 modules you’ll be getting!

Module 1 – Creating Your Message
Module 2 – Being Brand You
Module 3 – Online Strategy
Module 4 – Social Media Mastery and more

The beauty of the Mastery Modules is that you have lifetime access,
and can simply reapply as you expand your products,
services, and business model.

But here’s where the deal gets irresistible –

Normally this is a program where you go through the modules yourself – but for a limited time (until the live classes start) I am offering you a spot in my year long mastermind – where we go through these materials and meet every month – FOR THE SAME PRICE as the Message to Millions Mastery program

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Can You IMAGINE Where YOU Will BE at the end of this?

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Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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