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It’s not often I get excited about something, but when I heard about this new business opportunity, I knew it was perfect for my interests, my goals and more importantly for many of you.

If you like books, if you buy books, if you are an author, an aspiring author, or are looking for a business that fits your lifestyle, I have the perfect opportunity for you.

When I heard that Robert Allen (he sold 140,000,000 million books), Mark Victor Hansen (he is the author of the
Chicken Soup for the Soul series), and Richard Paul Evans NY Times Bestseller, were part of a book company that is designed to rival Amazon, yet pay dividends to its members, and support charitable and literary causes, I was in.

When ten NY Times Bestsellers united to create some of the most powerful connections in the industry, I just wanted to know – where do I sign. This is the most influential group I have seen, and I knew that if I was connected (or anyone else for that matter) to these people, good things were guaranteed to happen.

So before I give you all of the details, I’m going to give you the how much right now, because it is so insanely cheap, you really needn’t read any further, simply sign up and I’ll take care of the rest.

The cost is $39.99 to start. And then it is $35 per month.

Yes Tracy, I’ll Join You!
(This link takes you to all of the details)

But in case you like all the details before you buy, just know that this offer comes with a complete 100% money-back guarantee, and you can cancel, no strings attached, and you get to keep the books.

It’s a book company. And you can either join just to get discount books, or if you love to buy books, sell books, review books, comment on books, you simply love books, you can quickly and instantly make this into a business and earn money from it.

And the best part is, you’ll have my help, and the coaching of some of the best mentors in the world, including Robert Allen, and get this – for no additional charge. If I had an offer like this back when I was starting out, it would have
made my life very simple. But, as it is, I will simply add it to my personal quantum leap strategy, because I love books and I know that this will be huge.

If you’re an author, aspiring author or eBook publisher, it’s even better, because you can get your book into their catalog (no additional fees). Once the word gets out who is running this new book concept, there will be a rush to get your book listed on their site, and I want to be safely on it before that happens.

Yes Tracy, I’ll Join You:

(I am an author and anything I can learn about marketing my book, I’m In.)

The best part again, is as I learn how to run this, I will then tell anyone who is with me, what to do. I will be taking care of my group. You will get mentoring from me, about this, for free.

Here is what you will get for your $35 A MONTH:

– First you receive a hardcover book, bestseller — the same quality book available in any bookstore across America, that you can choose. Any book.
So if you spend money AT ALL on Amazon, and most of us have a monthly budget for this place if you are keeping up your learning cycle, then this is already a no-brainer.

The average bestselling hardcover book today is about $27, you are only paying $8 above retail plus shipping.

But, check out what that magic $8 is about to get you.


A lot! In addition to your book each month you will receive:

• A minimum $1 donation to literacy and other charitable projects throughout the world. (we are helping the planet as we grow our venture)
• You are now a Bookstore. You can purchase additional books from the BookWise catalog at wholesale price or below.
(for just yourself and your friends if you want)
• You get 2 more books free. One a digital e-book and one a digital audio book.
– You get 3 to 4.5 hours of coaching a week on taxes,
finances,being an author, being a business success.
(free mentoring from the top mentors in this industry)
– You get 2 tickets to a Best Seller’s writer’s conference
10 best sellers who have sold at least 1Million copies each.
Robert Allen has sold 147-Million copies of his books and Richard himself sold 8-Million copies of Christmas Box
– Because BookWise is a home business opportunity, for that $8, you will receive complete billing, collections and handling system for your business, including an internet ‘dashboard’ to monitor and promote your business. As a home business you will also receive the potential of thousands of dollars annually of tax savings.

Additionally you get:

• A custom Book Club discussion guide with each book

• A monthly subscription to BookWise Newsletter with the hottest author and book info. (A $36 value)

• If you decide to operate as a bookstore (totally optional) you can earn Incentive Trips. Each year our Associates above a certain level go on an annual, all-expense-paid trip to some exotic destination (Anybody here besides me like free trips??)

• Reduced entry fees to BookWise conferences featuring the greatest authors in the world (sometimes free)

• A Passkey that allows you access to our exclusive on-line author interviews with America’s top authors (great study area too for aspiring authors)

• Membership in a unique and powerful organization dedicated to changing the world through books.


Yes Tracy, I am with you – Lets do this!

This is the new Amazon – a new breed of company built by people who don’t need more money, but are creating a model to provide a more powerful book distribution
model with community awareness and social responsibility built in, where associates make money on a regular and recurring basis. Where each month you are contributing with your purchase to a charity. The Bookwise corporation pledges to donate 10% of their company profits to charity as well,each month. The Bookwise founders vision is to create an “enlightened company”

It is new (1 year old), and is just about to BOOM, and I believe it will be the next big thing in book promotion and sales, and since it is backed by NY Times bestsellers with a very big investment in the publishing industry, they have no intention of letting anything go wrong, and we all know the power of intention
millionaires of this caliber will carry, you don’t you want to miss being a part of the biggest business revolution of this decade.

Yes Tracy, I am with you – Lets do this!

(For only $35 a month, I must be a part of this too!)

Because of all of this, I too can also put my reputation out there, and invite you to join me.

Become a part of my new book community. I will help you get established as well, and make sure all of us benefit.

Yes Tracy, I am with you – Lets do this!

Above is my link. Select Join. Select Associate.
Don’t hesitate, just say yes, because it is about to be promoted big, and I want us all established before it is.
It has a 100% money-back guarantee, backed by giants in the publishing industry.

The faster people join me, the more I will devote my time to this.

At the very least – you get a hard cover book, that you can choose, so if you spend any money at all at Amazon every month, this is already a great way to buy and save (you buy additional books at wholesale prices), and donate a $1 to a worthy cause.

Remember this is a huge book source – all types of genres
– including children and young adult, business, cooking, spiritual, personal empowerment, what you are used o (and more coming every day), that if you have any
aged reader in your house, you will save money by being a part of this.

My 12 year old reads a book a day. She is expensive, and she treats her books like friends, so doesn’t want to get them out from the library, and give them back.

This has already saved me money, and soon, my kids will even have their own account, because who knows what business adventure and friends they have that may want to be a part of this too. I never underestimate the power of my child, and the social responsibility they already possess.

I invite you to join me. Many others already have, and I want you with me too!

If you have ever wanted to get my services as a top copywriter on your team, who gets paid almost $5500 just to write a landing page, I will be writing sales copy for my own group, and you can use it for free, for being a part of my team

Here’s to our new book adventure, and our JOINT success!

Yes Tracy, I am with you – Lets do this!

Tracy Repchuk

Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – Remember, this has a 100% money-back guarantee, I give you my personal guarantee on top of this, and because I am already doing training for myself, if you
don’t have the time to do anything except pick your book every month, that’s okay, I will send you whatever I learn.

It is only $39.99 for a starter kit, and $35 a month for all of the above.

Isn’t that worth a little faith on your part to check it out.

Yes Tracy, I am with you – Lets do this!

(I am ready to say “YES” to an opportunity.)

P.P.S. If you are still undecided, you can attend weekly seminars for free through me. Just let me know and I’ll invite you. You can see for yourself the type of people involved, you can watch Robert Allen on a live weekly broadcast over the internet, but just remember when you are ready to join – and you will be – click through the link from my account, so that you are a part of my team. I can provide you with what I learn, provide free copywriting – ready to go content, and work together towards this new model of book distribution, family unity, and social reform.

Yes Tracy, I am with you – Lets do this!

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I hope you got some key information about The Book Opportunity You Won’t Want to Miss and the Free Gift Giveaway and take a moment to share this post. Until next time – be sure to join my community if you haven’t already – and grab my free gift for you.

Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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