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The #1 question I am asked is how do I get more traffic.

Now the answer I give depends on 3 things:
1. Do you want it to be free traffic?
2. Do you want to pay for it?
3. Do you want to do it yourself?

If you want free traffic there are many options.
– Add a PS to your blog post
– Make your email signature more action driven – drive them to a landing page
– Search engine optimize your blog posts, landing and sales pages
– Post and respond to other blogs and forums
– Approach blog owners about ad swaps
– Do traffic exchanges

– Get involved with:,
Facebook and
Linked In

If you are willing to pay for it?

– Open up a Adwords account and start to do pay per click advertising
– Search for ezines that allow you to advertize
– Investigate text based ad opportunities
– Use co-registration services

Historically, these are the methods I was using. But more recently I started to use a service, that did it all for me, and it blew me away. They take care of everything, including the creation of the articles, press release, and distribution.

You get one person, a personal rep that takes care of you 24/7.

I don’t know about you, but writing was easy for me, distribution took hours, and hours and hours. Getting videos posted (and they make it for you), getting articles posted (and made for you), getting a press release posted (and made for you). And not just to one site, hundreds.

Check it out for yourself right now: Full Service Traffic Center

Why is it the best?

Because it considers all of the most powerful strategies right now, and capitalizes on them in a way that is natural, organic, and appealing to those that encounter your sites.

Why is it the easiest?

Because you don’t have to do ANYTHING. THEY DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

So if you don’t have any time, that’s okay. You don’t need to spend it on getting traffic, they will do that for you, while you focus on what you are good at.

I don’t often gush about anything, because quite frankly most of the stuff I encounter is ‘usual’. Or it takes too much time, and I’m not interested.

This is neither.

Here is everything I am getting:

Your website of choice is promoted every month! – Continuous Exposure

-Search Engine Submission (Manual) 200 SE’s
-Write New Articles 4 Articles
-Article Submission (Unique, Manual) 100 Submissions
-Article Submission (Unique, Automated) 1000 Sites
-Article Submission (Automated) 2000 Submissions
-One-Way Backlinks (Manual) 10 Sites
-Write Press Release 1 Press Release
-Distribute Press Release to PR Networks (Manual) 30 Sites
-Social Bookmarking 50 Sites
-Social Networking (Creating Profiles, Adding/Updating Content, Maintenance) 5 Sites
-Building Communities on Social Networking Sites (Groups) 20 Joinings
-Create Videos 1 Video
-Video Marketing 20 video sites
-Authority/Wiki Sites (Create Profiles, Add Content, Maintenance) 5 Sites
-Link Directories 20 Directories
-Blog Marketing (Posting Comments on Relevant Blogs) 10 Blogs
-Forum Marketing (Posting Replies on Relevant Forums) 10 Forums

-SEO Report

-Project Report (Monthly, Verifiable)

Check it out for yourself right now: Full Service Traffic Center

Then it says:
As soon as you complete the signup process, you will be automatically redirected to our “Project Details Form” where we collect basic information about your website, bio, keywords and so on. Your assigned Project Manager will contact you within 24 hours.

And that is true. I had an account set up that day, and my project was started. They delivered everything, as promised, complete with a full report to prove it, that was verifiable.

You’ll also get

– Search Engines will “like” your website because we promote your website regularly
– Search Engines visit your website more often, index more pages and rank your website higher up in the search engine results page (SERPS) – More Visitors = More Sales
– Safe – because your website is promoted “gradually”… over a period of time – “No worries about getting banned or blacklisted”
– Activities for every month are “strategically” chosen to provide you the right “mix” of promotion resulting in higher rankings, more popularity and more targeted visitors
– Get One-way “Back-Links” from Leading Online Directories to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings & Improve Positioning
– Boost Your Credibility, Attract Targeted Traffic and Pre-Sell Your Prospects Using Articles — We write and distribute UNIQUE versions of articles regularly… You don’t have to write a single word!
– You will get addtional exposure and faster indexing by search engines because we write and distribute Press Releases about your website, product or service on a regular basis
– You get precious “back-links” from other people’s Blogs and Forums — A trained team of professionals will visit Blogs and Forums in your niche, post comments and replies with a link back to YOUR website
– A short “ad” about your website will be distributed a network of Bloggers who will “post” them on THEIR blogs. These are not just comments… regular POSTS on other people’s Blogs!
– Social Bookmarking — Each and every month, your URLs will be added to leading bookmarking sites resulting in quick indexing, higher ranking and a steady flow of targeted visitors to YOUR website

Web2.0 (Social Networking) is a BIG phonomena and it works! Your profiles will be created on leading, high PR social networking sites. Not only that, your profiles will also be updated with new content regularly

If you are not using VIDEOS, you are leaving too much on the table. We not only create short, promotional videos for you (based on your website content) we will also distribute those videos to more than 25 leading video sites — great exposure, precious “backlinks” and a stream of visitors for YOU!

Imagine what it could do for your credibility and bottom-line if leading “Authority” sites (wiki sites) display a link to YOUR website? We will do that too!

You will get a detailed, VERIFIABLE report of promotional activities done on YOUR website each and every month!!!

No long term committment – can be cancelled anytime!

Check it out for yourself right now: Full Service Traffic Center

Choose one right now. Even if you remain on for just one month, the links, articles, press releases, social media sites will be there forever.
Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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Tracy Repchuk

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