Today I received a gift in my email box from Alan Forrest Smith so I had to share it with you. In a time of economic meltdown, financial crisis, and personal disasters, never has this sentiment been more important.

The reason is – people are looking for an easy way out of their problems. And trust me, it took a lot of effort for many to end up where they are, and there isn’t a magic button to push, or universe that will take care of you, unless you first take care of yourself. Attraction is great, but then it takes ACTION! MASSIVE ACTION. It’s right there in the word.

And after traveling to three back to back speaking engagements where we are showing practical steps to reach financial freedom- when the first question from someone is “Will I have to work at it?” “How long will it take?” “Will it be easy?” “I don’t have any time, will it still work?” – the answer is NO – it won’t. ONLY You can make it happen, and you can do it with one of two things – TIME OR MONEY. If you have both – it’s faster.

The bottom line is – it does work, but you have to work it.

Here was Alan’s email. Read it, and take control of your life!

WARNING: The So-Named Attraction Factor Could Destroy You!

I believe we can attract what we want in life. However the concept should carry a government health warning.

It’s definitely one of the biggest most destructive myths I see being taught to people all over the globe.

Let me illustrate this point.

While speaking in Asia, a lady comes over to me. I won’t say her name just in case she is reading this.

She speaks to me and shares with me with a huge smile across her slightly tanned face how she has enjoyed the presentation I had given the day before on stage.

She says to me right out … “I want at least $50 Million in my bank by the end of the year”.

I replied to her … “How are you going to do that?”

The lady replied …” I don’t know yet… I have given it to the universe to deal with”

I asked her …”do you have a plan or business model in place?”

The lady again replied… “the universe will deal with it”

I again asked her… “how?”

The lady once more replied …”The universe”

She smiled at me and walked away.

Now if you aren’t familiar with this way of thinking I need you to understand that this kind of thinking is very, very common in 2008.

In fact it’s a concept that is being taught from stage in almost every part of the world.

It’s a little like this…

Create or state an intention. Then hand it over to the universe to deal with. The result you want will come back to you as you requested.

Now I am not here to judge the right or wrong of that but what I wanted to relate to you was exactly what I have seen dozens of times all over the world and more.

The lady above really did share with me her intention to have fifty million in the bank over 9 months.

So when she went and I had a minute I pulled out my cell phone and opened the calculator.

I quickly did the math.

Fifty million is $138,000 per week.

Or …

$19,800 a day to get the result she wanted.

We spoke for a while.

She had walked out of her job to let the universe deal with her life. She told me she was flat broke but the universe would sort it out.

So tell me if I am wrong here.

Over the past 24 years or so I have been self-employed. In fact I created my first business when I was 10 years old. To create cash into my business I have always had to invest. Invest time, cash or energy.

In fact here’s a question people always ask me when I am travelling.

“How does an ex-hairdresser become the person you are today?”

And frankly I think some expect some kind of magical answer.

The answer is simple.

Hard work, lots of investment, lots of sacrifice, lots of endurance never to give up.

At times 18 hour days. At times, 7 days a week. At times, massive sacrifice and pain.

But one thing remains the same with myself, with my entrepreneurial friends and successful people I meet. It’s this …

You have to have a plan. You must invest time. You need to invest hard work. You have to know where you want to be and how to get there. There is of course more.

So am I saying stating an intention into the open or universe is wrong? No I am not I am illustrating this point.

The lady above, I actually met her again a few years later at another training event. She asked if I remembered her. Of course I did I rarely forget a face.

I asked her how things were going with her plans. She told me 4 years later she is still waiting on a reply from the universe so she can be a millionaire. She also told me she was still flat broke. She still smiled.

Now it’s important to say here that this lady isn’t alone. She is part of a growing group of people that take that single concept home and run and run with it. In my experience most that do … end up flat broke and waiting and waiting and waiting for an answer?.

The concept: Ask the universe and the universe will give.

Or …

I would in some cases call it Attraction Infraction (violation)

Sadly there are a lot of people out there that take that single piece of the puzzle and literally sit at home waiting for an answer.

It usually (in my experience meeting hundreds of these people) never happens unless …

They are willing to align that intention with hard work.

Intentions are good. Having goals are right. Setting reachable ambition is a good thing. And it’s also good to say it openly and “put it out” there as it were.

However when they are not supported by actions… gigantic action at times… it won’t happen. It’ll never happen in a million years!

You and only you control your life. You are the one that can make a difference to you. You create the life the business the relationships the outlook you want. You want to make a million dollars? You can do it but it takes more than asking the universe.

I know this small note today will probably annoy some of those that subscribe to this teaching. However it might also be the little wake up call or nudge you require to make you realize in a small way that unless you align massive action with your intentions… nothing will happen.

Here’s an example for you.

A guy wants a hugely successful high street store. He dreams about it and makes it happen. He eventually opens his store.

He sits behind the desk and waits for buyers. None arrive. He waits longer, still none arrive. He waits even longer, still … none arrive! What’s his problem?

He stated his intention to open a huge store but didn’t grasp the bigger concept that it would take a lot of hard work to market his business beyond opening his doors.

His store fails.

He walks away scratching his head and ask… “What went wrong, I had the store?”

Can you see?

If you want success, if you want to grow your business, if you want to make millions, if you want anything in life you must understand what has to take place.

Will the universe give you what you want? I’m not sure.

Will the universe provide what is required for your success? I don’t know.

Will the universe take your idea and make it happen while you wait? No!

Don’t allow any kind of attraction infraction into your life otherwise it’ll be the downfall of you!

If you want it to happen, you need to see the bigger picture.

Alan Forrest Smith

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