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What are the purposes of multiple websites?

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Knowing the purpose of a website

When you were sold on the concept of a website, as the tool to discover and check out who you were and what you did, that was great. You do have to be on the internet, but that satisfied just one purpose in the website overview. From my perspective, if we’re going to be exposed to a possible 6 billion people, wouldn’t you rather it made money too? Isn’t that a better reason to be on the Internet?

If your website isn’t generating one of two things – either money or convertible leads – then you need another website.

As you may recall, there are 4 main types of websites:

1. Branding – This is a site for yourself and/or your company.

2. Blog – This is a diary/journal like site that keeps everyone up-to-date with what you are doing, and/or developments with your products or services. You can post articles here, and keep in touch with your prospects and customers. This is great for fast, easy updates with unheard of search engine rankings.

3. Power/Landing Page – This is the most important page your company will ever have, and only 1% of the Internet population has it. And those are the companies that are making millions, and doing very little work for it. We discussed this in great detail last time, so now we’ll focus on completing the website puzzle.

4. Sales Letter – This is another very important page that serves as a long form, one page site, that highlights the benefits of one product or service. It is a direct campaign, designed to focus the visitor to do one thing, buy your product. That is why in this type of site, we ask them to buy 12-15 times, until they finally get the message. Like the Power Page, this page has a specific design, layout and art to it. Near misses can be inches away from soaring sales, that is why the copywriting for this site is critical. It combines product benefits, testimonials, history, background, a story, and continues along this line, until it either closes the visitor, or they leave.

That is why the copy is so important, because it needs to continue to captivate the reader until they are sold, and do this in the few minutes they are willing to donate to you.
When I originally created this site for myself a few years back, it of course got far better hits than the ‘branding’ site, but not the windfall I was waiting for. At that time, I was missing the critical Power Page in front of it. And what did the Power Page get me afterwards? The traffic, the capture of the visitor’s email and name, and a chance to build a relationship, so that when I contacted them, they knew who I was, and that I wanted to help them. In a world full of ‘not so nice people, and scammers’ this gave me a chance to build trust, long enough so that I could give them what they needed.

Like me, I bet you you would benefit from this too. You have a product that is needed and wanted, and you want and need to get it out there.

Now if you are having a heart-attack about now, visions of thousands of dollars down the toilet, and months of hard work and effort, then not to worry, because you need the sites you have too! These are great sites for the purpose they were built for. Telling others about you, letting them know you’re good, reputable, and a central place to see all of your products and services. But do you know what the conversion rate for leads or sales for this type of site is?? 1%. So if you get 10,000 visitors, then 10 of those might become a lead or a sale. Ouch!! Because, they usually become a lead, and then you get a 1% conversion to a sale. That is 1 out of 10,000 that will possibly buy. So, unless your product costs $1,000,000, and you only need to sell one per year, then that is a model that won’t work for you.You need the number of contacts to be high, so that your conversion rate can increase, and your profits, sales, and lifestyle can increase. These are important contacts, because they came to you. You didn’t cold call them, or blast an email list in hopes of some sort of response (which by the way you will get, and it won’t be pretty.) These are people who expressed an interest in your message (from your Power Page) and possibly want what you have.Isn’t that what you were secretly hoping the website would give you – sales?

So from this we can see that the purpose of a landing page is to get you contacts. Contacts = Prospects for Sales. And the purpose of a sales page, is to sell and close the deal. And in between those two sites, you build a relationship.

Most people don’t tell you this – but here it is – your ultimate, money making website scenario is to have a Squeeze/Landing Page lead to a Sales Page, which closes the sale.

There it is, I’ve said it.

Otherwise, you will find yourself with a very quiet, brochure-like website, that has all of your products and services, and a catalog, and a shopping cart, and is or isn’t fancy – but what you know for sure it isn’t – is selling for you, while you sleep.

When you are considering your Internet Marketing strategy, make sure you have a landing/sales page combination.

Check out my Landing Page:

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Have a great day.
Tracy Repchuk
Your Wealth Building Coach

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