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Attracting The Customer You Want.

It is so easy you will laugh.

Answer: Ask yourself the question and know what it is that you want.

Then verbalize it, and write it down.

That helps to get it out from rolling around in your head.

Then, say it in a postulate/direct manner like you mean it.

Today, I want you to ask that question about the type of customer you want.
Your customers are the ones that will help you to fulfill your dreams by being a part of your life and business.

I just did a fantastic exercise and I thought it would be a great one for you too. Because this upcoming Tuesday is the day that I execute my answer, and start my next quarter of greatness and quantum leaps.

1. What does my perfect customer look like (Do 3 traits).

2. What makes my perfect customer tick? (3 traits)

3. What do I want my perfect customer to expect of me.
For this one, have what you are willing to give, be their idea of perfection
about you. If you don’t want to work Fridays, have that be perfect for your customer, because their busy on Fridays.

4. What do I need to improve to attract more perfect customers?

For one full day, don’t put your attention on marketing, put it on just going about your day, with these 4 elements in focus. Just that one day could change the rest of them forever.

Expect your perfect customers in unexpected ways.

Select your customers. If they aren’t fitting this, say good-bye. You can fire a customer because you want to ONLY focus on the 20% of the customers that make you money, that want your help, that respect what you do for them, that can become your friends. The other 80% that eat up your time, whine, complain, don’t respect you, rarely spend money, get rid of them. Open up room and space to ever increasing abundance and your perfect customer.

Have a fantastic day. Do the exercise, pick a day to apply the results, and then if you fit in as one of my perfect customers,

Here’s to your continued success!

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles
Bookwise President Member

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Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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