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Steve Jobs Apple Founder Dead at 56

Steve Jobs – Feb. 24th, 1955- Oct. 5, 2011

Founder of Apple Computers has died and leaves a gap in the future of how we will advance in the computing industry.

This of course is a sad day for an entire generation, culture, and the future that will never have gotten to be here for his lifetime. I am a Mac User, iphone junkie, and love everything Apple – from it’s operations, corporate culture, marketing and incredible distribution system of music and movies.

He shaped the personality of how we experience and live our lives with mac, apple, iphone, ipad, itouch, icloud, itunes, ipod and.

His roots began with Atari, but after a while Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak knew they were destined for bigger things, and formed Apple Computers.

Personal computing back then was just a concept. The two best friends mass produced their first circuit board for Apple 1. With his human skills and ever present desire to always do better, development continued and he released next version, and started a trend with it’s new logo and portability. With stiff competition from IBM and Microsoft, the path was not completely without barriers.

He started at computer fairs, and by 1980, sold over 120,000 units. From that he became a folk hero, and a leader in that revolution.

He recognized in 1983 the Macintosh was the wave of the future, and brought in John Scully as CEO from Pepsi Co.

Jobs drove the vision of Apple. In 1984 he spent 1.4 million on 1 commercial, that aired only once in the Superbowl – and is one of the most famous ads in TV history.

At the age of 30 – he was fired from his own company.

From Next, to Pixar, to Disney – he is comfortable in any industry.
When he released Toy Story – animation changed forever, and Steve took Pixar public, and he eventually sold to Disney.

By the mid 90’s – Apple was in dire straights, Windows released, and the operating system that still was in existence from the 80s in the MAC had caused a downfall. So Apple bought Next from Steve Jobs who then regained control of Apple Computers.

He had one of the world’s greatest brands and the USP became Think Different, which he proved when he joined forces and collaborated with Bill Gates.

With the internet age – he moved to the imac, and released the colorful array of computers and became the #1 seller of computers in the US.

Interesting Steve Jobs and Apple Facts will come for years.

Steve Jobs can be described as Innovative, instinctive, goes with his gut, never endeavours in market research, a business leader who changed the world.

Often underlooked though – is his power as a master marketer.

Supply, demand, line ups, launch, and record sales are a cycle that repeated for every product Apple released.

Steve helped to structure our culture.

He is a business leader, he changed the world, and a master marketer.

He resigned on August 2011, simply unable to continue with his duties, due to his illness, valued at over 6.1 billion.

Regards have already been expressed by President Obama, Bill Gates,
Steve Wozniak and many others whose lives have been significantly touched by him.

Steve Jobs was an inventor, genius, rebel, icon, movie creator, music innovator and incredible icon that won’t ever leave the annals of history.

Steve Jobs is someone who can’t be replaced – but are the new guns coming already? Is Mark Zuckerberg next to step up.

I miss knowing he is a part of our continuing culture, and can only hope he has left 10 years worth of design and computing we will get to take advantage of.

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