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St. Lucia was my favourite island out of all those we visited. The reasons – Luxury and delivery of a story.

You’ll recall in Internet Marketing when putting together your sales page, a story sells.

For this island I did the best excursion ever. I went in a boat that took us on a one hour journey through spectacular beauty, past where Eddie Murphy filmed a Doctor DooLittle movie, past the cross of 165 virgins where nuns died in a boating accident, past a ship wreck you could dive at, to the final destination – One of Oprah Winfrey’s top picks for destinations – the Pitons.

The Pitons are 2 mountain like thrusts that come out of the water, and between them resides luxury accomodations, and one of the most beautiful hotels I have seen since my trip to South Africa. It was completely open concept, top of a mountain, panaromic views, private deck, and a restaurant that was a similar concept. We went the extra mile and ate there as well, even though we were completely spoiled food wise on the ship.

So Oprah Winfrey repeated the story on her show about the legend of the Pitons, and now this location is her #1 favourite pick. Then there is the story about how the area, the fisherman and what they do every Friday on the docks, and so much more.

All the way there was a story – so when you are putting together your sales page, remember that stories sell, so be detailed, elaborate and build on imagery. It is a powerful tool, and turned an island like any other, into a #1 vacation resort.

While I am building my next internet marketing sales page, I will be sure to think of St. Lucia, and how she took a Unique Selling Proposition, added her story, and made it into the jewel of the Carribean.

If you’re ever in St. Lucia, this is the hotel we went to called Ladera. Check out the rooms just for the sheer beauty.
Ladera Property

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