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Social Media Safety For Kids is an important issue today, as Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen and Brad Pitt’s kids will soon be on Social Media facing the same issues as every teen in America.

Social Media Safety for KidsThis is something that scares local mom Tracy Repchuk as 43% of teens reported an incident of cyber bullying in the past year, and many by hidden users.

With 1 billion Facebook users, 500 Million Twitter users our teens are facing a world-wide assault that can expose them to cyber bullying and other lethal issues. Only 7% of parents are concerned about social media and last year 1,000,000 children were affected by Facebook alone.

Tracy Repchuk, bestselling author and social media expert states “With 95% of teens using social media, I’m very concerned and proactive with my 3 online teenagers.”

Tracy advices clients to use her BE SAFE formula to avoid Social Media pitfalls.

Become a Friend – make sure you are a friend to your child’s master FB and Twitter account. You need to visit and see what they are talking about, and what their friends are posting too. And make your presence known.

Educate them on issues that can happen from accepting people they don’t know such as cyberbullying and stalking.

Secure your data – you need to know the settings in twitter and facebook, as they change often and your child’s private information could be wide open.

Ask Important Questions – Communicate with your kids about the effects of internet and social media.

Fans aren’t always Friends – Be careful who you tell what to – not all fans should be trusted.

Ever and Ever – That’s how long your posts could be on the internet.
You may be young today, but when you’re older looking back on your life on what could have been – you may be looking back at some social media incident.

When your kids were young you plugged up the outlets, locked away the poisons and gated the stairway. It doesn’t stop now – it’s just a different danger.

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