How to Use Social Media To Market Your Business

Social media is everywhere these days, and if you’re running any kind of business, you need to be aware of it’s impact.

People are spending more and more time on social media sites, and that means if you’re not being found, you’re not maximizing your exposure.

Want to market your business via social media?

First, use social media.

Create a Facebook page, establish a Google Plus presence, open a Twitter account, and create a business profile on LinkedIn. You don’t need to join every hot new social media option, but even joining the four above will help boost your social media presence.

Now, make sure you use those accounts. There’s no point in having a Facebook page if you never post to it, and the same goes for other social media options. In fact, having a social media presence that’s dead can hurt you more than having nothing at all. It shows you don’t care, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to not do.

So, if you want to have active social media, how often should you post? You want it to be frequent, but not so frequent that you’re spending all your time on social media, and no time on work. The amount of time varies from business to business, and person to person. Generally, you should try and update relevant sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) at least once a day.

If updating is taking up too much time, you can do two things to help: first, you can sit down once or twice a week, and plan out all your updates. Write them out, collect the links or photos you want to use, and then write out a schedule. Stick to it, and you’ll find you can update your social media presence in as little as 10 minutes a day.

The other option is to outsource. If you’re finding even a couple hours a week is too much, outsource your social media. There are plenty of places that will do all of it for you for reasonable prices.

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