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Search Engine Optimization Exposed

A questions I am constantly getting is what about SEO, when should I do it, does it really make a difference, aren’t I too small to ever crack into the first pages of Google, and it made me realize that despite the fact that there is probably not a topic that gets more exposure or discussion, that it is still very much misunderstood.

The good news about SEO, is that it has been relatively unchanged from a major perspective. There have been developments discovered such as putting up multiple pages that feed a specific way, and break down a topic long-tailed key word style, and things you need to consider when applying your keywords – but what has remained constant is that you need to do this, if you want to get free rankings.

It has not been outdated, or updated to the point that only the technical experts can take advantage of it, so when you are designing any site, or submitting articles, or a press release, you need to maximize keywords.

Now because the industry is full of SEO experts, and I only follow what they say to do, and then keep doing what works for me, I will give you 3 elements that have been a consistent producer for me.

1. Select a core keyword, and then work your way through similar terminologies. Keyword ranking today isn’t about seeing Internet Marketing 13 times in an article to get a good ranking. It is about taking a core, and working it down through prime words that heavily relate. For example internet marketing, niche marketing, keywords, google search, survey.
Google no longer wants to see your keyword repeated, but wants to see content that relates to it, that is also key word worthy, around it.

2. Use your meta tags, description and keywords within each web page. I know many people say this is dead, but I have found it keeps your pages organized, tidy, your description is what displays in many cases, and I get organic rankings based on them. It was my meta tags that drew in my first landing page sale, because the page that they bought my services from, barely mentioned it.

3. The latest strategy that many have started doing is the same concept of keywords to the core, but splitting it into pages. This works well for large sites of multiple products, and extensive catalogs. This runs on the concept of starting from a main concept on page 1 – ie. NFL Football, then the next page would be each football team, then the next page is clothing, the next page is jerseys, and so on down a deep line that drives the visitor only down until they purchase, and then it pops them back up at the top, and repeats for another item, ie. trader cards. This traffic and link strategy ranks well with Google, and allows you to control the path google and your visitors take.

Some extra tips – if you are going to do a portal or information site that contains articles, and uses Adsense to generate revenue or ad placement, buy a .info versus a .com – this will get you higher google rankings, faster than any other extension.

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