I am sure you have heard of Yanik Silver if you have been in Internet Marketing at all, and for those who haven’t, simply google his name and see the number of hits. Not that it means he’s good, but for that, you would have to listen to the number of people that support him, watch him, get mentored by him, and pay him big bucks for small amounts of his time.

That’s why when he offered his Maverick Internet Business System for the cost of shipping only, I knew I had to let you know about it.

Go now to check it out – Yanik Silver’s Maverick System

The above link tells it far better than I do, and even if you’re not interested in it, you have to go and check out the sales page – it is a classic, and one that
will surely be evaluated by the masters.

Notice the use of story, exclusivity, and see the picture of Richard Branson – nice friends.

Made me order, and I am already implementing some of his ideas I was missing.

If it was more money and I had more time, I’d do a thorough review and be specific, but this’ll sell out in a day or so because it’s free…so there’s no time.

So here is what you’ll get.

You will get his $15k closed-door presentation entitled “Instant Leverage Points in Your Business That Bring You Surges of Cash”.

It’s a presentation Yanik did last in January to 26 top-gun entrepreneurs and business leaders in Baja, Mexico for Maverick Business Adventures.

Yanik’s $15,000 system

Plus, Yanik’s bundled up this DVD, the MindMap he handed out, his newest book called “34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs”, a 2 CD-Audio program and more – the only thing you pay for is s/h.

(Just $7.95 U.S. or Canada and slightly more Int’l for a package easily worth 30x this.)

And this a new bonus that wasn’t available when I bought 🙁

BONUS: 1 Day Maverick Extravaganza Day

1-day with Yanik combining everything about making more profits, having more fun and giving more back. It’ll take place in the DC-metropolitan area and you’ll start
with covering all his latest secrets and insights into making more money. (Just so you realize – Yanik’s previous workshops have gone from $995.00 – $10,000.00, and they ALL sell out.)

Then for the other half of the day you’re going to have a great time! Yanik hasn’t announced what the ‘fun’ event will be yet but previously he’s done everything from
hired rock bands to conducting spy missions to F1 racing with his groups. I’m pretty sure it’ll something you can get excited about.

Just head over to the site for details and get in the door before this Friday, November 21, 2008 at Midnight, ET.

Get it now!

Just pay shipping

All of it will come to your doorstep.

It’s a no-brainer addition to your assets.

Become an insider and know what we do.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

P.S. Did I mention you got ALL of it for just the cost of shipping?

Yanik’s Limited Time Bonus offer

PPS – If you can’t make the event, don’t worry because as a charter Maverick Business Insider member, Yanik will send you the DVDs of the workshop.
This deal is as good as it’s going to get – check it out now before he pulls this bonus on Friday.

Limited Time Yanik Bonus

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Want To Know More?

I hope you got some key information about Save $14,992.05 – Limited Time Yanik Silver Bonus and the Free Gift Giveaway and take a moment to share this post. Until next time – be sure to join my community if you haven’t already – https://fastactionresults.com/ and grab my free gift for you.

Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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