In today’s economy – many people are feeling unfulfilled, with a calling you can’t quite make happen.

Could your message change the world?

Then you need to learn about and become an Inspirational Thought Leader!

If you feel the calling to inspire others and become a recognized leader in your profession without compromising your integrity or having to use hard selling in the process, then this book is a must read. It elegantly combines a heart-centered marketing system with quantum physics, laws of success, and personal growth principles.

The result?

You literally change the world through your work!

My good friend Marcia Bench, author of 24 books is known asthe Inspirational Messaging and Marketing Mentor(TM) and as a professional coach, author and speaker she has worked with entrepreneurs, corporations, nonprofits and government clients for more than 25 years. She is the CEO of and Marcia Bench Enterprises as well as theFounder/Director of the worldwide training company, Career Coach

In Marcia Bench’s new book, Become an Inspirational Thought Leader, Turn Your Setbacks Into Opportunities and Change the World with Your Gifts, you’ll learn how to:

> Turn your setbacks – as well as successes – into the foundation for a thriving business
> Design your Inspirational Messageand package it into multiple “Inspirational Income Streams” you love
> Clear any remaining beliefs or energy blocks to your Inspirational Message
> Reach exponentially more peoplewith your work using online and offline strategies
> Become the go-to expert in your niche and virtually eliminate the competition!
> Navigate the 5 Phases of Inspirational Thought Leadership and expand your business globally.
> Navigate the 5 Phases of Inspirational Thought Leadership and expand your business globally.

Let your true spirit be expressed!

By reading this book – and doing the exercises and meditations provided – you will:

(1) be recognized as the go-to person, the expert, the guru

(2) feel more empowered and accept the power of influence you have,

(3) feel more connected than ever with a Purpose bigger than you are

(4) communicate your Inspirational Message to the world in a powerful way!

Remember, Inspirational Thought Leadership

is not just for the CEO’s and “top dogs”

– it’s for anyone who wants

to be a force of influence, inspiration and impact

in their personal or professional sphere.

And when you buy the book today,

you’ll claim more than $5000 in great bonuses, including one from me.

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See you on the other side.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Power Business Mentor

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