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Quantum Leap Thinking – Step 1 – Ask Yourself Honestly – What Are You Willing To Do To Get It

Like my 31 Day blog at the beginning of this year, I wanted to give you something once again that would transform your life. And the next 12 days I am going to give you from a thought perspective – the thinking I used to get my quantum leaps.

Incremental steps are fine. Hard work, knocking off items on your to-do list, slowly but surely working your way towards your internet marketing goal.
But what can happen when you only take the small steps?
You can get bored, distracted, procrastinate, get frustrated, give up, need money now, can no longer wait, and jump from concept to concept looking for a quick way.
The quick way is the Quantum Leap way that I took, and after appearing on stage with the most powerful internet marketers in the world, I want you to go the same route.
Let me tell you a bit about my journey to set the stage for quantum leaps – I started on the Internet Marketing scene officially last September, when I attended my very first World Internet Summit event. If you have never attended one of these, they will change your viewpoint on how to make money on the Internet. Then after 22 years as an entrepreneur, making decent money, but working very hard for that money, I decided at that moment, that I no longer wanted to work that hard, I wanted to move my business to the Internet and become a full-time marketer.

And in 6 months I went from internet obscurity, to bestselling author of what is being deemed the must-have internet blueprint to the direct path to internet marketing profits, to getting an all expense paid trip to appear on stage and meet the most powerful internet marketers on the planet, and present my story to 3400 attendees, to appearing with Mike Litman as a success profile at his event – and I had only just met him that week-end, to communicating directly in high level JV partnerships, in 6 short months. My life has completely changed, in what feels, overnight.

And when I started, I was going to make that happen – no matter what. So this was a very big moment, despite how simple it seems and sounds.

Here it is in audio – and feel free to read along.

I want you to write this down
Step 1 – ASK yourself honestly – What are you willing to do to get it.
Because I was willing to do whatever it took. I got up at 5:00am many days, I went to bed at 2:00am, I got rid of habits that stole my dreams and ate my time.
I had no intention of it being permanent, but to get the rocket off the ground, I needed the booster power. I moved from Canada to the US, because that is where I felt I needed to be to easily travel from show to show, and that was as an attendee – it’s even more important now that I am a speaker.

For example, people have signed up for my course, and they already need to jump to the next class, they didn’t do the homework. Three weeks before I was going to launch my book, my husband’s mother took ill, he left to be with her, came back 2 weeks later, flew back again days later, and she died. I had to decide do I do whatever it takes, I set the Quantum Leap – and it was a linch pin to my quantum leap strategy – become a bestseller – I could have put it off, but I didn’t – and alone while Dave was in Edmonton I went around the clock running the company, doing the kids, and then writing and relationship building to get joint ventures. The day he arrived back, I left for Atlanta for another show where I would watch the launch from. That was doing whatever it took. And as brutal as that may sound that I forged on through a very dark time, and it made a very big difference in everything.

I hope your answers help you get your Quantum Leap, and you will then be able to launch your life next year at quantum leap speed.

Your Success is Important to Me

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

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