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Coming into the new year after doing an assessment, and planning for the next, it is a great time to also add some of the things you are grateful for.

This exercise can lead to a wonderful feeling of joy, and reignites your purpose and passion for what you are doing. This results in making money easier. You flow better, and attract in a more enlightened way, especially financial freedom.

I know that when I am grateful, it helps me to be a more effective marketer, a better person, and when I add a spirit of play to the mix, it allows me to operate at a higher level – where life is much easier.

Here is an audio I did with the notes below – Do your own Grateful list.

You simply clear your mind, express your gratitude, feel it, stay positive, enjoy the ride, and then plan your next year by asking for what you want – and let the big questions get answered as life unfolds.

Unleash Your Power to Financial Freedom: (Audio is loading – you can start to read until it is completed if you’d like)

Giving thanks for who you are, and giving of yourself

Today I am going to start by reading a few things for which I am thankful, and as your homework, I want you to make a similar list for yourself today, because I think you’ll be amazed at how long it turns out.

– Thanks to the Fab 5 – Frank, Mike, Penni and Ronda – a group that has combined their powers of greatness and continue to give in extraordinary ways every day
– Thanks to our listeners who come and share in our message, of their time, and then give us their kind words and encouragement, stories and experiences so that we know that what we do matters
– Thanks to my husband, business partner, soul mate and best friend – Dave Repchuk
– Thanks to my children who are true and pure light bearers in this world and give me great joy and endless happiness every single day
– Thanks to my parents who always love me no matter what
– Thanks to my brothers who taught me what they knew
– Thanks to their wives and family who keep them happy
– Thanks to my religion which allows me to achieve total spiritual freedom, gives me the tools to help make the world a better place, and the power to help others who are lost

Thanks to every one that:
– had faith in me, and encouraged me no matter what I am doing
– takes action to get what they need for their next steps
– recognizes their worth, and invests in themselves
– cherishes their children, their family and friends
– helps others, takes actions against any form of inhumanity against mankind
– stays positive
– shares the weath
– and gives of themselves in some way

The list is endless, I could write for days, and always keep adding, but what I did want for myself is that as you do this exercise, is that you come to that or some conclusion. That was my cognition, is that I actually didn’t need to continue writing them down, because they are who I am.

And that made me grateful and appreciative of who I am.

And how many times do we do that. Appreciate ourselves, look at ourselves in ways that perhaps others look at us.

When I was at the World Internet Summit in the UK these past few days – so many people came up to me and thanked me for being a role model, for showing others the possibilities, for telling them what I knew, for taking my time, and spending my money to get there, and be with them – when I had so many other choices – and then at the end when they gave the speakers a 5 minute standing ovation with cheers that shook the foundation of Earl’s Court Convention center in London, I was grateful for that moment, and the next and the next. And then you just become grateful. It becomes a natural part of you that doesn’t turn on or off, it just is you, and that is when you can quantum leap, go further faster than ever before, because you are now resonating at a higher frequency, and attracting even more great things.

This I want for everyone.

So your second exercise as you enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities, or just do this any time you need to – and that is write down what you appreciate about yourself. There is lots, starting from

I got up today and appreciated about myself that I had something to do.
I got up today and had a bed, shelter, food, clothing,
I got up today and appreciated that I loved who I am, and love that I know I need to work on myself everyday so that I am always getting better.

No matter where your starting point is for what you appreciate about yourself, because the key here about appreciating yourself, is also understanding that you created yourself, your actions are your responsibility, your situation was created by you, and appreciate that you will always try to do better for tomorrow, or to get yourself out of it, moving forward, and that you made mistakes and you’re fixing them, as long as no matter what or where you are, you appreciate and understand you got yourself though – good or bad – you can appreciated the journey. Because none of us had a straight path to wherever we are, but when you appreciate that is a part of who you are, embrace it for what it helped you become, you will be able to give of yourself more freely and with more joy.

Overall, I am so much to be grateful for this year, but I will add one tag to the difference in myself from this year, to the last.

That key ingredient was purposeful action. When I had created my big vision, you know the one that revolves around why you are here on the planet, work backwards from that, putting down the steps you need to get in place to get there. Lofty ‘dreams are great’ but without the steps they can remain dreams for ever.

This year, I wrote the big picture, and the benchmark steps I would need to take to get there. Then I took the closest benchmark, and wrote down specific steps to get to that one, and when you are on a straight track, ignoring diversions, distractions, and even the chaos that life can produce, you get there faster – the quantum leap I keep talking eluding to.

And the reason I keep eluding to quantum leaps, is because we live in a society that wants instant gratification, it satisfies that criteria, which keeps up our own personal momentum, increases the speed at which we produce, decreases the time it takes for us to get something done, reduces the costs it takes to get there, and this moves you towards the greatest discovery – and that is if you reduce life to the simple and basic fundamental elements of your spirit – and live from there – life will be what it was always meant to be – and that is simple. We added problems, and complexities out of boredom, and then forgot to turn the game off, when it was no longer working for us.

So my final thoughts for today, and then I will open up the lines for feedback, and sharing of your thoughts and to keep it simple, what are you grateful for, specifically with respect to the difference the Fab 5 are making in your life, then you have your homework to really get a full understanding of how you are blessed.

1. Give thanks for who you are – because you matter to us here at the Fab 5
2. Appreciate what you do – because you do so much for us, just by listening, sharing, and appreciating us for being here with you
3. Give of yourself – because the more you give, the more you get. And notice I said ‘of yourself’ – that is you, not your money, because although that is great for so many things, especially if that is something you have a short supply of – but a few kind words in a check out line-up are enough to change someone’s day, and even their life. Because just noticing some one else, is enough for them to realize that maybe they do matter.

And your final exercise, call someone, or email them, and say “Thanks for…”

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

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