I am an admitted Olympic Addict. I have a big history in playing sports – mostly at the city level – Volleyball, badminton, track, soccer, baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, cross country. I usually don’t like to watch sports – probably the guilt of knowing I should not be sitting on my butt watching, but rather should be doing.

The Olympics is different though. This is so much bigger, it is the grand master of uniting sport with country pride, and a side of amazing story for good measure.

The Olympics this year started with a marketing lull – many forgot the opening event was on, and many others only knew about it because reruns dominated the airways.

As the Olympic games got going though – it picked up steam and dominated all conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and TV.

It is certainly a different world from 4 years ago with the massive understanding and use of social media. That should tell companies this is not something you can continue to ignore as part of your marketing strategy.

But what shocked me this year was when Michael Phelps – unarguably the greatest Olympian if not athlete in the world – did not come out his usual self and dominate the field and the media turned. He was practically being called washed up.

So one moment he was a loser. Then – the tides turned and Michael was back. Oh wait, he’s a winner.
Gabby Douglas won Gold all around for gymnastics, then is deemed to have a disappointing day.

Then we watch as a select few who have trained since 3 years of age, take to the worlds largest stage. Some with nerves, some with determination, some with fear, some knowing this is their last shot. But still they had a chance to do something only a small percent of the population will ever achieve…

…That is make and go for their dreams – at all cost.

So does the Olympics create winners and losers? That is like asking does life create winners and losers – and the answer is that is up to you.

You can see some who don’t get Gold – consider themselves a loser.
You can see some who don’t get a medal at all – consider themselves a loser.
You can see others that say I got here – my goal was Gold – but I did great anyway and I will continue to work towards my next goal.

So, it’s all about perception, and how you deal with your next steps.

Gabby Douglas, the gymnast who won the world’s heart with her infectious smile – brought back memories of Olga Korbut and the way she changed the face of gymnastics and the perception of Russia. And the countless other athletes, most with a story of survival and sacrifice.

It is without a doubt that somewhere along the road of life, you will lose at something. It could be as ominous as your health, a loved one, money, stability, happiness – there is a lot one can lose.

But if you decide that your next step is going to be a great one, a better one – then like the Olympian Oscar Pistorius who never saw a disability, only a different way to do something – then you won’t ever be a loser (except perhaps those extra pounds you may want to shed).

The Olympics is an amazing thing, it unites people, countries, athletes, and creates a global unity for a brief moment in time.

I for one look forward to when we are embracing the joy of personal triumphs the way some seek a Gold Medal – so that one day we are all wearing our elusive Gold medal in life.

Tracy Repchuk

Internet Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing Business Specialist

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I look forward to hearing about your ‘gold medal’ experience.



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