With copywriting as a million dollar skill used to advertise and promote, there is another way to really combine the power of marketing and copywriting, and that is to put yourself into everything that you write. With the growing trend of women entering internet marketing and seeking financial freedom, the purchasing landscape is changing.

A New Copywriting Trend Emerges with a Vengeance

Copywriting from the heart is today’s answer to appealing to a female demographic and launching your message from a softer side. For many people involved in the internet marketing industry you are aware of the importance of copywriting. It is a critical element to the success of most marketing campaigns.

With copywriting as a million dollar skill used to advertise and promote, there is another way to really combine the power of marketing and copywriting, and that is to put yourself into everything that you write. Your story, your passion, your experiences, and share of yourself, and you will discover a way to build a relationship with the reader that will be the difference to your bottom line.

As a highly sought after direct sales and landing page copywriter, Tracy Repchuk talks about the 3 main domains in internet marketing that copywriting rules.

They are:
1. Landing Page
2. Autoresponders
3. Sales Page

1. Landing page – For this page, headlines, your personal blurb, opt-in offer, really focuses on raw copywriting skills. Knowledge of headline creation and keywords is critical. For fast keyword results you can go to: www.needsearchresults.com it’s an easy way to use a free Google tool.

2. Autoresponders – these are the automated messages that allow you to make money while you sleep and break free from a traditional business model. This is an area you need to apply quite a few tricks to optimize the success.

The first issue to remember is that it is an email, so the subject line needs to be treated as a headline or your open rate will not give you the chance to copywrite from the heart and carry on your message
Add personalization where you can, and focus on the body to pull interest forward and lead them out to the actual message which should be located on your blog or an HTML-based webpage that can optimize keyword and attract Google page ranks.

Keeping the full message in your autoresponder creates two issues:
1. You create a passive reader, and when you want them to take action and click to take advantage of an offer, they won’t be trained or motivated enough to do that.
2. You can’t get Google search activity and attract major internet-based traffic by keeping your information in your email. Open up your message to the world by making your reader click to a page located on the web, and optimize it for Google. This is a great traffic strategy to send more visitors to your landing page.

3. Sales page – this page could take an entire article in itself, but in general this is the area where your story can really be integrated and you can soften the message by copywriting from the heart, and appealing to an entirely different demographic.

With the growing trend of internet marketers increasing their resistance to the hard sell, and demanding more sophistication in the message, it is a trend worth watching and certainly worth acknowledging as here to stay with the largest growing audience on the internet being women.

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