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Mentors, Mindset, and the Art of Getting Out of Your own Way…

was a radio segment that I did, that really helps you see what a mentor can do for you, what happens when you are faced with many choices, and a vast array of skills, and how to stay focused, and start making money, one idea at a time.

I have attached the audio here, and then below there are 3 main coaching program and mentoring opportunities I provide for you, to make sure you get your dreams and your internet marketing lifestyle. (The audio is huge and takes a while to load – you will see it working through a percent count)

Live discussion through a real situation of one of my clients:

Lets start off with mindset and mentors:

You need a certain mindset to understand that in life, and especially in internet marketing where I am a mentor, international speaker and motivator, that you need a mentor, help and guidance.

A mentor is someone who has already made the mistakes, spent the money, and can fast track you from point a to b in record speed, and even though the cost may seem high when you are doing, the other route is always much more expensive – you just realize that a money hemorrhage is occurring because it is happening over time.

So step one is the mindset that you are okay with asking for help, and that you understand that takes an investment – ie. Cost – in yourself.

Once you realized that a mentor would be beneficial, and you take the leap of faith and select and start with one – then we hit the next point.

The art of getting out of your own way

No matter what country my clients come from, the story is the same. Finally they make the leap to seek help, and now the struggle of simplifying your life begins.

In human nature, somewhere along the line many people lost the fact that life is simple, it really can be, as long as you remain focused enough to set a task, and complete it.

However, along that path there are distractions, diversions, information overload, and the worst of them all – succumbing to the idea avalanche.

The idea avalanche occurs to many of us, I myself suffer from it, but it’s how you deal with it that really counts. So when the hundred ideas come in your head every day, you can either jump on all of them, or try to figure out a way that you can work and weave them into what you are doing, or you can do the right and simple thing of noting them down for a future project.

And here’s why –
I heard a formula this morning from one of my Fab5 partners Ronda Del Baccio called

SO the quest is you are out to implement one of your ideas.

But the TEST is – you get more ideas, and they’re good too, and if you could fit them together with what you are doing, your initial idea would be even better.
Maybe that is so, but it also keeps pushing the completion date further away, and in most cases, the payment for the completed project, or its launch. This starts to tie into the ‘perfection syndrome’ which was one of the very first shows we talked about, and that is

“you don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going” – that I learned from Mike Litman.

And that is you want everything to work together.

But when you need to realize is this type of scenario – is the test. You are being tested on your focus, fortitude, and ability to complete and then start another project.

In internet marketing there is a marketing funnel flow that goes freebie to ebook, and that leads to building a relationship and building a list, which is the vital part to who will come on your teleseminars or attend your classes or online courses.

With any of my programs, they take you through the whole cycle from landing
page (you need this to build the database relationship), to sales page –
this sells your eBook, to autoresponders – system That automates
communication so it makes money while you sleep, To traffic strategies,
and much more.

There is a foundation that needs to be established for automated money
making, and I teach you exactly how to do that.

For my coaching programs, this is a great time, because there are now 3
of them, that target 3 price points and lifestyles.

1. If you are brand new, and struggling financially, and really just
need to get the right information, in complete detail, you can check out:

This is a week-by-week monthly membership site, where you do it and learn it yourself. Slow route, but steady progress.

2. If you want to be a part of a team, that works together, yet on
their own exact niche, but has the support of me, and the other members,
then is for you. Full details aren’t even posted yet, but I have many members already because I sell this directly from a live presentation (such as the one I am about to go to in Malaysia and UK).

You get the same features as my high-end Entrepreneur in Overdrive program, but it’s to a group of members, And you do the class, and report back next week with the
results, and then do the next class.

Group versus one-on-one.

This includes:
8 classes/session – about 1 – 1.5 hours each, plus support between
sessions via email.

If you do the work as required each week, it is great value for the
money, and You will get the end result, including your eBook.

The good thing here is the calls are recorded, and you can listen and
submit via email your results, and if

Life gets too busy, I have what’s called a 1 year Jump Plan, which means
if you don’t make it in your ‘class’, you can jump onto the next one that starts, and try again.

Plus much, much more.

I guide you how to get your ebook done, show you samples, recommend
where to go to get a cover done, and layout, whatever pieces you need, I have a recommended resource.

In the JVCoaching club, right now classes are at 11:00am PST, starting
On Wed. Nov. 21st. 2007. Then another class will start in January.

3. Then there is the one-on-one program, called The key difference to this program is appointments go around your schedule.

All classes are recorded, and for the JVCoaching it is possible to do the program by listening to the Lectures and emailing me links and details of your progress individually. Being on the calls is really more for the ‘building a relationship with your Team members – who will eventually help you promote your product at launch time’.

No matter what your level, or your budget, there is a program here for you, if you are an internet newbie, a struggling internet marketer, or an entrepreneur that wants to leverage their skills and automate them on the internet for multiple streams of income.

So happy mentor hunting, and let yourself find what is right for you, and then go with the flow and make sure you listen and avoid the pain and frustrations they have already gone through, and you are paying to avoid!

Tracy Repchuk
International Speaker and Motivator

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Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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