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Marketing Using the YouTube Craze

Google knows a good thing when they see it or else why would they pay 1.65 billion for YouTube, which is a video sharing project that has grown to massive proportions. Did you ever wonder how you can ride the wave of success at YouTube?

The best ratings and Editor’s picks are going to people from all walks of life.

Everyone from the little actress, to the 41 second clip of Google Earth taking a picture of a couple of sun bathers, or even a man born in 1927 who speaks of his personal experiences from his childhood has a huge following and are among the most viewed videos on YouTube to date.

What makes them successful? They were just being themselves. In most cases, I see a “diary,” “news,” or “short film” type broadcast throughout the popularly viewed videos. Each one creates their own personal type of production that is based on their personality.

Each clip is typically 3 to 5 minutes in length depending on the material. Make sure that you are creating quality material and posting about 2 times a week. Your clips should be approximately 1 to 5 minutes long. If you are going to do an upcoming project, take about 2 minutes to describe it as a teaser and send them to your landing page, post it and go!

If you are planning on going into depth about something, I have noticed that the average length doesn’t exceed 14 minutes, so think infomercial with less hype and more heart.

Word of mouth advertising is the best way to get people to come to your vlog. Even the “Smosh” duo on the website has said that they didn’t do anything to actively market the mini-movies that they created. They just wrote down ideas, filmed them and posted them to the site. Then, they told their friends who told others which created several offers from different companies including getting an offer from MTV – old fashioned viral-marketing at it’s finest.

You can also take the video Location The New Washington State Bank code and stick it on your own website and Blog. If you do this you will get noticed by the visitors of your own site, and other sites too. Grant others free access to copy and distribute and post and you’ll get results similar to the article marketing concept.
There is also another viral feature that keeps the message going called a share button. It is great for getting extra free exposure and people can email the link of the clip to their friends, who can in turn do the same to other friends.

If you make sure your message is strong or unique enough that people will use it to teach others, and have your website address somewhere on it, this is a surefire way to encourage a viral effect.

Focus on your unique selling proposition. Anyone who has been marketing their business knows the USP will help them stand out. The common thread that the popular channels have is that each is unique in their presentation.

This goes back to being yourself, with a twist. Make sure you keep in mind your “brand identity” so that when people see you they don’t even have to look at the name. They will just say, “Oh, it’s (lonelygirl15, therapix, etc.)” and your brand will be established from the instant they see you.

Video’s give you a chance to build a rapport with your customers. They will appreciate the opportunity to hear you “live” whenever they want. You will be able to get your products out to them more quickly by providing demonstrations of how to apply the product to their lives.

Are ready to take on YouTube? Then upload your video to YouTube and copy the code and add it to every other applicable site you own.

Want to be able to send video emails?
Create your video, upload it to YouTube and send the link to your subscribers. Then you have created a free instant video email. Even better is to create your own community by asking your subscribers to join YouTube directly to your community. Once they have done that they will not only have a direct link to you, but they will also be able to join forces with you to create a more expansive market base.

If someone looks at your profile, sees your videos – you may have just made another customer. And what did you do? You sent an email asking your subscribers to become part of YouTube. This is viral marketing at its easiest.

There are so many ways that you can use YouTube in your marketing. You need a hint of creativity, some ingenuity, and a little time. With a camera and the right software you will be well on your way to creating one of the easiest marketing strategies people have see. The biggest tip here is to take the marketing you know, look at all the old marketing tips, tricks and techniques and apply them to the Vlog that you start.

Think how you can use YouTube? Then make it happen.

Tracy Repchuk
Author of “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles”

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