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Los Angeles gets hit by a 5.8 earthquake

My first earthquake experience, as a brand new home owner on the side of the Verdugo mountains in Burbank, CA. In some form it could have been our worst nightmare. The warnings that we shouldn’t buy on a hillside because of earthquakes, the warnings to buy earthquake insurance – which we didn’t, and the warnings to keep renting until we were sure.

Warnings are everywhere, but it is the risk takers that move past them to the fruits.

Entrepreneurs, internet marketing, and the success stories all come from a brand of risk takers.

It was exciting, as the house swayed and rocked like a nursery room cradle or 56 foot schooner at the tail end of a storm. Our steel beam foundation held firm, not even a book fell from the shelves as we stood in full motion, motionless.

It’s a bit like internet marketing and your first time.

Sometimes like a typical internet marketing product. The tumultuous life cycle of a product launch is an overwhelming task for many, an every day encounter for some, and a wall so high for others, that it is never scaled or attempted.

Everything is a risk – it comes down to what are you willing to risk for your dreams?

After going through Jeff Walker’s complete and thorough training, and then having an intensive 3 day workshop with Harris Fellman at his house with some of the best launchers around, I feel you get a pretty solid understanding.

Now comes the risk – doing a launch.

It’s not the education, mentoring or training that’s a risk? This is a no-brainer – just do it. Invest in yourself.

It’s what you do after that?
Do you launch?
Do you take the time to do a website and create a product?
Do you promote an affiliate program?

What do you do with that training?

Take the risk – get the training – and invest what it will take to get your dreams today.

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My parents have always called me a risk taker, and quite frankly I think I am very mild at taking risks, so risk is relative, but my advice today is to have enough faith and confidence in what you will do with that knowledge – so that one person’s risk – is merely your investment.

Here is Formula Based Success – a product I am working on, and planning to launch.

Check out Formula Based Success – A riskless way to wealth

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Your Quantum Leap Coach
Tracy Repchuk

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Tracy Repchuk

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