Hundreds of people have come through my multiple coaching programs to learn how to do landing pages for themelves. I think it is a fundamental skill that needs to be learned by anyone that wants to completely understand the complexities of this small, but powerful page, and even when outsourcing, this understanding will allow you to accept or reject pages that you can detect will perform well or not.

You can check out one of my articles was picked up that I wrote called:
Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page

Now the logistics of a landing page is pretty straight-forward but some care definitely has to be taken when presenting your offer to opt-in, and in the copywriting, which I am a big advocate for professional copywriting (I even have a service for this if you’re interested).

Then while I was speaking at the World Internet Summit in the UK, I ran into Mike Stewart, who I had met a few other times, but never really got to know. But then he
introduced me to his newest product called Video Landing Page, and I knew right away that this was a home run idea.

When he showed me it was a 4 step easy process, that I could use the webcam from my PC (although he suggests you use proper camera and audio – I was just quick and lazy), it went from idea to done in under 30 minutes. And since video is a powerful converter
Check out the results –

So if copywriting isn’t your strong suit – but you could sure talk about it – then Mike Stewart’s product is a fantastic way for you to get your ideas from concept to landing page in minutes. Take Advantage of an Introductory special he has on right now

I will also be doing a teleseminar with Mike Stewart Thursday Dec. 6th

at 6:00pm PST – if you are signed up for my ezine notices, you’ll get full

details sent directly to you.

And enjoy the simplicity of speaking your landing pages instead.

Here’s to making sure you know about the parts of the puzzle.

Tracy Repchuk

Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – I will provide a couple of free video based goodies as wellif you buy, just email me the proof of purchase, and of course Mike was providing it with a full video course as well. Send it to tracy @

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Tracy Repchuk

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