Can you meet me in Las Vegas?
Let’s get together in person.

Yes, I mean one to one, you and me, face to face!

There’s just nothing like meeting face to face and talking about ways to work together when a person shares the same vision and goals that you have.

You are probably going through the stress and strain of building an internet business.

Face it, there aren’t all that many people actually doing the types of things that you and I imagine when we sit down at the computer.

I know, it SEEMS like there are millions on the Internet, but try explaining your Internet business ideas with your neighbors some time. Even your relatives probably don’t understand.

So let’s get together.

There are plain, ordinary folks making money everyday. The key is to be able to see exactly how those “real-life” projects work in the “real world.”

I’m speaking at Ken McArthur’s “real world” live event called

JV Alert Live

Ken is a friend of mine, who sees the insides of “real life” projects every day. In fact, he is at the center of a group of people that work together in a regular “idea factory” of a place called JVAlert.

You would be amazed at the people that are in this group.

Ken actually arranges for these top-level people to work with you on YOUR projects and then they turn around and promote your products too.

Ken invited me to speak at this event and I grabbed the chance right away.

Then he started telling me some of the other people that are going to be there – and my jaw dropped.

Imagine working on your project with people like Joe Sugerman, John Di Lemme, Dr. Mike Woo Ming, Dave Lakhani, Frank Sousa, Glenn Dietzel, Willie Crawford, myself, Robin and Lee Collins, Dan Giordano, “Million Dollar” Mike Morgan, Donna Fox, Carrie Wilkerson, Brad Semp, Paul Counts, Jonathan van Clute, Dr. Ron Capps, Pat O’Bryan, Ross Goldberg, Felicia Slattery, Mari Smith, Coach Deb, and more, more, more.

They are ALL going to be there and a pile of other experts too!

So where does YOUR project come into this?

Not only will you be inspired, educated, and walk away with million dollar ideas, Ken has also developed a very unique “Hot Seat” that is perfectly designed to get you feedback and even more crucial, exposure to people that can really make a difference for your project.

Here’s the way it works …

When you register for the event, you are given the opportunity to apply to be on the “Hot Seat.”

The expert panel selects the best ideas and those ideas are assigned a spot on the “Hot Seat” schedule.

The presenter of the idea prepares a 15 minute presentation to pitch their idea to the “Hot Seat” panel of experts and all of the people who attend the event.

Million dollar exposure to tops JVs – then the fun begins …

You get to listen in as our panel grills the person on the “hot seat” and picks their project to bits.

Then we turn right around and build it back up with ideas from the best minds in the business.

You KNOW you are going to pick-up some great ideas from this series whether you are in the “Hot Seat” or comfortably watching someone else squirm a little as these top-level professionals show you exactly (and specifically) how to take a starting idea and turn it into REAL money.

But, even more important than that, you and I can spend some quality time together one on one. I know that we can come up with ways to work together that will make this new year great for you.

Meet me at JV Alert Live

If you have any questions on this, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m definitely going to be there, so let’s not let this opportunity to get together pass by.

There’s limited space, so don’t wait.

Signup now at:
You, Me, Las Vegas!

and then send me an e-mail and let me know that you are definitely coming!

See you soon!

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

P.S. Here’s what James Wilson had to say about his “Hot Seat” at the last event … “The “Hot Seat” format of the jvAlert Conference was awesome! “It was amazing, energizing, and encouraging to be able to present my current project in front of a group entrepreneurs who are not only interested in hearing about my product, but are also willing to provide solid and concrete feedback based off of their proven market expertise.”

Due to their collective knowledge, I was pushed to further define the features of my product, its targeted market, and given explicit next steps to take that will allow me to bring my product one step closer to the end user.”

James Wilson Rising Phoenix Productions

And Neal Voron said …

“Changed my life forever!” “I had only gotten a half-hour’s sleep the night before, was feeling a bit out-of-sorts all day, and was scheduled last on the hot seat presenter’s list, but the jvAlert gathering changed my life forever!”

“The opportunity to network with other Internet marketing ‘doers’, to make friends with them, to hear their own challenges and to get invited to share in their opportunities… to swap ideas and to get honest, no-hold-barred, knowledgeable, insightful, and creative feedback was invaluable.”

“Joint-venture opportunities, ground floor opportunities, and connections now with new friends … made the event an opportunity of a lifetime. Everyone is looking forward to getting together again!”

“I know my own marketing will improve significantly. Joint ventures will now bring RyKy Records ™ and Voron Communications much, much, MUCH further towards marketing success than I could have brought them on my own. I got interest in participating in my Christmas Hints ebook joint venture from high-powered marketers even before I had finished my presentation! What a great day! I am SO GLAD I attended!”

Neal R. Voron President, Voron Communications Co-Founder, RyKy Records ™ Author, “The Obstacle Course”

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