Las Vegas Monte Carlo Fire backdrop to Internet Marketing Master’s Event

I was in Las Vegas this weekend at the Master’s Seminar with many people you will recognize, and it was surreal to be watching the black billowing smoke come off the top of the Monte Carlo.

I was standing beside Simon Leung who while accessing his email gets this over the wire service. It doesn’t sound possible on this beautiful sunny day, but given it was a break, and my room had a perfect view from the Monte Carlo, I was about to find out for myself.

And sure enough, the fire brigade was already there, camera crews were capturing it live, and I got to watch everyone react as fire crews worked to get it out rapidly. It made me think I should have been an investigative reporter – some might call it being at the right place at the right time – if you looked at things from the optimistic view point of life. I was at Universal Studios the moment the Hollywood Hills fire started, and spent most of our visit on the studio tour because the back lot had the best view of it. We watched for hours from an amazing vantage point as it spread like wild fire (now I see where that saying comes from), and helicopter crews captured video while planes dropped water and black smoke filled the skies. I was in New York city years back at the World Trade Center when the bomb went off in the basement garage. Seems to be a fire them involved, but either way I get to witness first hand a lot of fascinating events.

The Monte Carlo ended up with just superficial damage, the façade really, and it made me think about how that relates to Las Vegas. The front is the façade of trillions of dollars in money, it just takes cracking the code and finding what you relate to. It’s like internet marketing too. There is billions of dollars being made, but you need to discover which field speaks to you. Some like affiliate marketing, some adwords, traffic, niche marketing, mini-sites, and the list is endless for what you can do – but somewhere in there is something that you’re really good at – and is the best path for your progress. Really a form of quantum leap thinking – getting to the heart of an issue before you jump out of the plane, or listening to your gut and opening the parachute on the way down.

It was another great visit with Sean Roach, Pat Lovell, Paulie Sabol, Donna Fox, Simon Leung, Robert Butwin, Warren Whitlock, Harris Fellman, Tahir Shaw, Terry Telford, Rob and Dan the graphic guys.

And a pleasure to meet some people for the first time – Willie Crawford, Sterling Valentine, Millionaire Mike, Ben Mack, Ross Goldberg, Jason Henderson (you must see the height on this guy it is spectacular).

I was invited by Ross as a VIP and agreed to attend to check out his show format, as he had invited me to be a speaker and because I didn’t know him, needed to be sure. The good news is you will see me July 18, 19, 20th in Chicago at the Ross’s next Master’s Seminar.

Have a great week, and set your market on fire with the passion you have for your niche.

Tracy Repchuk
Quantum Leap Success Coach

PS – Don’t forget I’ll be in Australia in March at the World Internet Summit. Be there with me,
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