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The last show I was at, I spoke to entrepreneurs that didn’t know anything beyond the corporate website, so when I presented to them the 4 sites you need to succeed, they responded like I had just handed them the holy grail. And in the internet marketing game, that is true.

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What is a Landing Page?

“Squeeze Page Websites Account for 98% of the Sales and Lead Generation for the Industry Leaders…”

So, if you only spend money on one marketing action this year, I would recommend that it be a “Power/Squeeze/Landing Page.”

After spending almost 21 years in the computer industry, and the past 12 focusing on the Internet, I still get asked by clients why isn’t my site giving me what I need? When I ask what they are looking for, they say: leads, sales, and traffic.
Well do you have a landing page, sales page, and autoresponder system I ask them.
This is about the point that they either get quiet on the phone, or their eyes glaze over. They tell me they have a website, with all of their products. I tell them that is a great site, but it is just one in the puzzle, and it needs a whole different approach if they expect sales, and leads.

So I thought this would be a good time to talk about the landing page, sometimes called squeeze page or power page, and how it is the reason sites go from from brochure bland to blast furnace flare.

A landing page is a specialized page that visitors are directed to in order to capture the visitor’s name and email address, and then target market them on a particular product or focus. It has become increasingly more important in the vastness of the internet to start to create a relationship with your visitor. It allows them to see that you are around to support your offer, and you know about the industry, and have the knowledge and background they may need. This is a hard thing to do with an 8 second glance, so you bite size the information to them using an automated system called an autoresponder to take advantage of the attention trend of the average consumer.

The Landing page is a vital step in the overall strategy of successful internet marketing, and although many will tell you it is a dead form, and used only to get the sale, the answer to that is not true, and ultimately yes. Those who don’t like landing pages, are usually those who have not had success with them, and deem them useless. This goes back to my point with this technology, and that is to use experienced creators of them. Did you know some people have paid up to $25,000 for an effective landing page, with the average cost being $5000 – and it has more than paid off for them. That is how important it is. Their second point about ultimately getting a sale, well they say that like it is a bad thing. Yes a person wants you to buy their product, but usually because it works, and they want others to have the same success as they do.

Yes they would like you to buy things from them, but they aren’t afraid to get to know you, let you know them, give direct access of themselves, answer any questions you have – they are showing you with them that they don’t hide behind a big corporation, but put themselves out there along with their product.

This says a lot about both, because a reputation is a very delicate thing, and belief in what they are representing through the building of captured emails from a landing page, is really a good thing for the industry.

So the bottom line with landing pages is they work for exactly what you want them to, serve as the doorway to your organization, and capture the visitors contact information by asking, not by taking. They opt-in, willfully, wanting to find out more.

Start to think about what difference a page like this could mean to your company, and most importantly, start your campaign and marketing efforts to getting one.

This type of page combines internet marketing tools such as autoresponders and allow you to turn your computer from a quiet site on the world wide web, to a mass marketing ATM machine where you can build relationships, generate leads, and create a profitable blueprint for the next stage of your business.

If someone doesn’t think you need a Landing Page, then they’re either the competition or don’t want you to grow. So watch what is happening in the industry, and follow the Internet Marketers who have turned this into an art form.

If a Landing Page sounds mediocre, and overly simplistic, I’ll let you in on a little secret – “that is exactly what the industry wants you to believe.” The millionaire and marketing gurus all use them, and it works.

Squeeze/Power Page insights that will Catapult Your Website Sales and clear the way to internet riches.

Have a wonderfully successful day.

Tracy Repchuk
Wealth Building Coach

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